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7 Steps to Finding the Perfect All-Seasons Purse ...

By Alicia

Picking out a purse that can be carried in all seasons isn’t easy. Many purses are geared toward certain seasons. It’s fun to carry those, too, but sometimes you want a bag you can carry throughout the year. Picking out a purse for all seasons can be tricky but these steps can help you.

1 Pay Attention to Texture

handbag, bag, fashion accessory, product, product,Textures are something you want to take notice of when you’re picking out a purse for all seasons. Texture can be what makes a purse unique. A lot of times you’ll see cloth or straw for summer and sometimes even corduroy for winter. While those’re nice, they really aren’t the texture you want for a purse you’re going to carry year round. You probably want to go for something like leather or another versatile material.

2 Check the Size

handbag, orange, fashion accessory, fashion, bag,You definitely want to consider the size of the purse. Size matters when it comes to purses. Women choose different sizes but every woman has a size that works best for her. You want to make sure a purse for all seasons is a size you’re going to be comfortable with. Nothing is worse than buying a purse then discovering all of your stuff won’t fit.

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3 Look at the Interior Design

purple, product, product design,The interior design of a purse matters. If the purse doesn’t offer some organization, I find that I don’t want to carry it very long. A purse without interior organization will often end up being a messy jumble. A purse with separate compartments can be helpful. Even interior side pockets can help.

4 Consider Neutrals

white, jeans, shoulder, fashion model, handbag,If you want a purse for all seasons, you may want to consider neutral colors. Neutrals go with anything. A neutral purse will work for almost any occasion. There’s also more to neutral than black and brown. Neutrals also include ivory, white, beige, tan, gray, greige and many gorgeous metallics.

5 Picture It with Different Outfits

white, clothing, jeans, snapshot, jacket,It’s good to picture the purse you’re considering with different outfits. Some purses are perfect for casual outings but wouldn’t be what you’d want to carry to a job interview. If you’re shopping for a purse for all seasons, you want versatility. You want a purse that looks good no matter the circumstances you’re carrying it into. You’ll love knowing your purse fits nearly every occasion.

6 Think about Dressing the Purse up or down

handbag, bag, fashion accessory, pink, selling,It’s good to consider what your options are with a purse. Some purses allow you to dress them up or down a bit. You might add a pretty scarf or even an oversized flower. Some purses have decorative parts that you can remove for a more basic look. It’s good to have options if you’re going to carry a purse for a while.

7 Ask Yourself This Question

blue, bag, handbag, shoulder, fashion accessory,This answer to this question is more important to consider than the other factors. How much do you love the purse? If you love it deeply and know that you’ll be satisfied with it throughout the seasons then it’s the purse for you. It’s good to think over the other factors but what matters most is how much you love the purse, not the color, interior design or anything else. My personal rule is that a purse has to make me feel happy when I look at it before I’ll buy it.

These are 7 factors to consider when picking a purse for all seasons. Do you have a purse that can be carried year-round? I’d love to hear about it if you want to share!

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