7 Stylish Roll-Top Clutches That Will Replace Your Handbag ...


Taking inspiration from the humble paper bag, roll-top clutches are perfect for embracing the minimalist trend that’s so popular right now. Larger roll-top clutches would make a great replacement for your regular groaning-at-the-seams handbags. Choose a neutral colour for all occasions or mix it up with prints and textures for something more statement-making. Update your arm candy this season with these roll-top clutches.

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Black Roll-Top Clutch

Black Roll-Top Clutch Roll-top clutches are perfect for embracing all things minimalist. This sleek black clutch by Marie Turnor Accessories is a versatile everyday option. It has a rolled top with a invisible magnetic closure to prevent all your valuables from falling out. While this clutch will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, check out your favourite chain stores for more affordable options.


The Black Roll-Top Clutch by Marie Turnor Accessories is a stylish and versatile everyday option for embracing minimalist fashion. It features an invisible magnetic closure to ensure your items stay securely in place. This clutch is a great option for those looking for a more sophisticated and timeless look. If you're looking for a more affordable option, you can find similar styles at many chain stores. This clutch is perfect for any occasion, whether you're headed to the office or to a night out. It's a great way to add an extra touch of style to any outfit.


Square Clutch Bag with Zip-Top

Square Clutch Bag with Zip-Top This light tan clutch from ASOS comes in a sleek and simple design. It has a relaxed fold-over fastening with a zip closure for extra security. It can fit all your essentials like a purse, phone, keys, and multiple tubes of lipgloss, and would look great teamed with either bright or neutral outfits.


Faux Fur Roll-Top Clutch

Faux Fur Roll-Top Clutch This faux fur clutch looks like something Cher from Clueless would own. This furry roll-top clutch is from Topshop and is available in a variety of colours from cool coral to basic black. While you could go down the Clueless route and dress like you’re a nineties' Valley Girl, try teaming it with a simple sweater and jeans combination for something that’s a bit more wearable.


Two Tone Roll-Top Clutch

Two Tone Roll-Top Clutch This two tone clutch from Whistles is perfect for pulling off the monochrome trend. It has a cream body with a black roll top closure. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap just in case you need a hands-free moment. Pair it with a similarly monochrome outfit for a streamlined look.


Natural Roll-Top Leather Bag

Natural Roll-Top Leather Bag This roll-top bag by Chloe Stanyon is ideal for those who carry around the bare essentials. While it’s on the smaller scale, it could still easily fit your phone, purse, keys, and lipstick. This roll-top bag also comes with a secure strap fastening and detachable strap so it can also be worn on the shoulder. Team it with a button-down denim shirt, black jeans, and ankle boots for a contemporary look.


Embossed Python Roll-Top Clutch

Embossed Python Roll-Top Clutch A little bit of texture can go a long way in adding interest to an outfit. This black roll-top clutch by Gigi New York features some sleek embossed python detailing. Use it to glam up a basic daytime outfit or team it with a slinky top and cropped trousers for a sleek evening look.


Faux Leather Roll-top Clutch

Faux Leather Roll-top Clutch If you’re after a more affordable fashion fix, then this roll-top clutch from Forever21 should satisfy your needs. It has a streamlined design with a rolled top and magnetic closure. Add one of these clutches to your outfit for a minimalist-inspired feel.

If you’re looking to update your accessories, these roll-top clutches are a great place to start. They’re the perfect mix of structure and slouch and can be easily dressed up or down. Would you swap your regular handbag for any of these roll-top clutches?

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But no strap?? So cute but no way I'm going out shopping having to carry it all day.

I have some leather clutches my mother have me from the 70's still in style

The faux fur looked like lips at first glance.. Lol b

Number 5 looks like a lunch bag

I want them all 😫

They look like paper bags

They look nice but not practical.

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