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Have you ever wondered about the reasons we love “What’s In My Bag?” articles, blogs and videos? There are some real reasons we can’t pass these up. I’ll admit that I’m always interested in them. These are some of the top reasons we love “What’s In My Bag?” articles, blogs and videos.

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They’re Incredibly Fun

“What’s In My Bag?” things can be incredibly fun! They can pull you in every time. Who can resist 10 minutes of fun to give you a break from your more responsible tasks? It’s a nice little distraction in your day. The fun factor is definitely one of the reasons we love “What’s In My Bag?” articles, blogs and videos.


These sneak peeks into someone's personal items are like a mini treasure hunt—you never know what you'll find! From the latest trendy lipstick to quirky gadgets, every reveal is as unique as the person sharing it. It’s enticing and engaging; who wouldn't want to discover the must-haves and secret weapons that others swear by? Plus, they often spark inspiration. You may find yourself adding a thing or two to your own bag—making these features more than just pure entertainment, but practical influences, too!


You Could Discover New Products

Most of us girls are always on the lookout for new products. “What’s In My Bag?” things are a great way to find them. You kind of get a mini review each time a new product is brought out of the bag. It gives you an inside view as to whether you might want to purchase the product or not. It’s great to discover new products.


When a beauty guru or influencer reveals a surprise lip gloss or an under-the-radar facial mist, it's not just exciting, it's potentially game-changing for your routine. These treasures have likely been tested and loved, which means you're getting a curated selection of items that stand up to real-world use. Moreover, when these products are pulled out from a depth of a well-loved tote, they come with personal anecdotes and usage tips, making the discovery all the more special and authentic. Who knows, your new holy grail product might just be tucked away in someone else's carryall.


Curiosity, Plain and Simple

We’re curious about what other girls keep in their bags. We wonder if they keep the same things in theirs that we keep in ours. We may wonder if their bag is organized neatly or a jumble of necessities like our own. “What’s In My Bag?” things are fun to watch and read for this reason. It satisfies our curiosity.


We Want to Know if We’re Normal

There’s an element of wondering if we’re normal in what we keep in our bags. You may wonder if you’re the only one that keeps 3 ink pens and a stash of M&M’s in your purse. “What’s In My Bag?” things can show us if other people carry the same stuff we do. It can be a bit funny to discover that they do. It can be even funnier to find out they carry more bizarre things than you do.


They’re Entertaining

“What’s In My Bag?” things are very entertaining. We enjoy them and that’s a good enough reason to read or watch them. It can be very entertaining to watch your favorite YouTuber or celebrity unearth a pile of crayons from the depths of her purse. It can make you feel a lot better to see she is a bit of a receipt hoarder, too. They’re entertaining on many different levels.


They Can Inspire You

“What’s In My Bag?” things can inspire you. Besides inspiring you to try new products, they can also give you new ideas. It may be a new way to organize your cards or what you might want to bring along in your makeup bag. It’s always nice to get new ideas. New tips and tricks can be very helpful.


It’s a Girl Thing

Enjoying “What’s In My Bag?” articles, blogs and videos is just a girl thing. We enjoy them because we feel a connection to them. We’re girls too so we get it. It’s interesting to experience and share in girly things. Just like we enjoy sharing makeup and hair tips, “What’s In My Bag?” things are along the same lines.

“What’s In My Bag?” things can be enjoyable for many different reasons. What do you think pulls you in? I can’t wait to read your answers.

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Love this❤️and sooo true👜💄

All of these are so true! Some of my favourite beauty you tubers, are Tanya Burr and Megan Rosette:)

I do love those r the best we r all so different and unique

I love how you can always surprise with new articles! No one has ever posted anything similar to this!:)))

Love it😉

Great article!!

Makes me want to make my own vid. I have all sorts of bumbo jumbo in there.

Soooo true 😂😂

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