7 Types of Bags Every Fashionista Must Own ...


7 Types of Bags Every Fashionista Must Own ...
7 Types of Bags Every Fashionista Must Own ...

The types of bags out there vary greatly. There’s a different type of bag to suit every style, occasion, and function. So when it comes to your wardrobe, what types of bags are must haves? We’ll take a look at a few basic types of handbags that every fashion conscious type should have in their wardrobe.

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The Everyday Bag

The Everyday Bag The perfect everyday bag is probably one of the hardest types of bags to come across. It’s usually roomy enough to carry your essentials and then some, but versatile enough to take you through the day or night. Basic black, tan, and brown bags are the most timeless and will match most of your wardrobe.


The Elegant Evening Bag

The Elegant Evening Bag For special occasions, you can’t go past an elegant purse. Whether it’s a clutch or a compact bag, a silver or gold metallic bag is the perfect pairing for any dressy occasion. Envelope style clutches like the Yves Saint Laurent Belle du Jour are timeless and worthy investment pieces.


The Oversized Clutch

The Oversized Clutch If there’s a type of bag that you’ve got to have right now, it’s the oversized clutch! Whether you go for plain and versatile or colourful and eye-catching is completely up to you. The oversized clutch is an ever so fashionable alternative to the handbag right now.


The Compact Side Bag

The Compact Side Bag Sometimes our handbags get cluttered with so many bits and pieces, most of which are completely unnecessary (do you really need those five different lip glosses, really?) If you feel like your handbag is weighing you down, a compact side bag is the perfect remedy. It’ll teach you to live with the bare essentials as well as keeping you looking impeccably stylish.


The Slouchy Messenger Bag

The Slouchy Messenger Bag For stylish off-duty dressing, you can’t beat a slouchy messenger bag. It’s laidback, cool, yet still oh so fashionable. Keep in mind styles like the trendy Proenza Schouler PS1 or the more classic Mulberry Alexa bag for inspiration.


The Quirky Canvas Tote

The Quirky Canvas Tote You know the ones I’m talking about – those canvas totes screen printed with a quirky motif or quote. They’re perfect for laidback occasions like a trip to the markets, the grocery store, or a casual picnic with friends. Keeping one in your everyday handbag will also ensure that you always have a spare bag handy in case of emergencies.


The Overnight Bag

The Overnight Bag When it comes to must have types of bags, don’t forget the overnight or carry on luggage bag! If you travel frequently, you’ll know how much of a necessity this kind of bag is. Whether it’s for a weekend away or as carry on luggage, the overnight bag is the ideal in-between size for when a handbag just won’t cut it and a suitcase is too large.

These are just a few types of bags that could be considered must haves in any wardrobe. Being wise with your handbag choices will mean that you’ll almost definitely have a bag to suit most occasions. What type of bag do you think tops the list of ‘must haves’?

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