10 Classic Bottega Veneta Bags ...

By Lyndsie

10 Classic Bottega Veneta Bags ...

Bottega Veneta bags are iconic for a number of reasons. For many women, a Bottega Veneta handbag is the go-to bag when an ensemble or mood calls for something chic, minimalist, and simple. These bags are proof, however, that simple is often beautiful, and that you can be innovative simply by choosing a unique color or picking a bag with an unexpected accent or piece of hardware. Even if you can't afford a Bottega, which are admittedly steep in price, take a look at these fabulous designer bags and get some inspiration in terms of shape, silhouette, and color choice.

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1 Intrecciato Leather Clutch

Intrecciato Leather Clutch In keeping with a simpler, more minimalistic feel, a lot of Bottega Veneta bags are actually clutches. If you prefer the smaller dimensions of a clutch, you need at least one in basic black. That way, you know it complements almost any kind of ensemble, it works in a professional, casual, or formal setting, and it always looks chic. This one is particularly lovely because of the texture, which turns the leather into something incredibly eye-catching. Like the little black dress and the perfect pair of black pumps, a black clutch often depends on the details.

2 Large Veneta Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag

Large Veneta Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag If you ever decide to buy a Bottega Veneta bag, or a purse inspired by Veneta, then I suggest choosing something like this. The intrecciato leather is a big selling point, but it's hard to afford that kind of luxury! So if you are looking for inspiration, pay attention instead to the color choice. If you're tired of standard choices like black and chocolate but can't feasibly carry around something hot pink or blaze orange, then indigo is a beautiful choice. It's unexpected and stunning, but still understated. The braided details are amazing as well, and definitely something to consider when you want a bag that draws just the right amount of attention.

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3 Roma Intrecciato Leather Tote

Roma Intrecciato Leather Tote That being said, sometimes brown is best. After all, it goes with so many different shades, so in its own way, its as versatile and necessary as black. When you need something a little roomier, a tote is the way to go. As you can see with this one, it's easy to find a tote that still looks stylish and luxurious. Again, the braiding really grabs your eye, and makes this both classic and pretty. As such, it works with business outfits or, say, a floating, romantic chiffon dress!

4 Braided Leather Hobo Bag

Braided Leather Hobo Bag Sometimes you just need a real pop of color, though. The great thing about really dazzling Bottega Veneta bags is that even when they incorporate trendy shades, they're still completely classic and never over the top. This one incorporates the classic appeal of the much-loved hobo bag as well, so you end up with a great shape and plenty of room. I especially love the color palette: the red has definite orange undertones, so it leans close to coral, making a perfect backdrop for the pretty pink details.

5 Hand-Painted Waxed Leather Clutch

Hand-Painted Waxed Leather Clutch With the right Bottega Veneta handbags, you can be colorful and understated at the same time. For instance, this clutch is a perfect example of how to carry off the royal combination of purple and gold. It doesn't look tacky or ostentatious by any stretch, it just looks like a clutch fit for a queen! So whether you love this particular bag enough to buy it or want to look for something like it, don't be afraid to show off your royal side.

6 Intrecciato Nappa Leather and Watersnake Tote

Intrecciato Nappa Leather and Watersnake Tote I'm not always a huge fan of brown hues, but I love darker shades like this. The weaving is absolutely stunning, and classic to many Veneta bags. This is more than just a bag, it's the silhouette you look for when you need something to contain your entire life. It also makes a great weekend bag, due to both its size and its style. With something understated like this, you can easily go all out with the color choices for your outfit.

7 Ayers-Trimmed Leather Clutch

Ayers-Trimmed Leather Clutch Again, on those fancy, formal occasions, sometimes a clutch is your best option. If your dress is relatively simple – an LBD, a lovely white or cream shift, or any other solid color, really – then this silvery creation is ideal! It seems to change color at different angles, so sometimes it looks silver, sometimes it looks gold, and sometimes it takes on a warm, subtle champagne shade. The weaving adds a definite touch of glamor, perfect for your dressiest evenings!

8 Intrecciato Leather Tote

Intrecciato Leather Tote I'm kind of a bad fashionista, because I still wear white after Labor Day. Sometimes your mood or the day itself just calls for it, you know? There aren't many white Bottega Veneta bags, which is probably why this one caught my eye. There's something sweet and pretty about it; it looks a little country-chic to me. Again, the woven texture creates an entirely new dimension, something you should always look for in a white purse to keep it from looking too plain and simple.

9 Intrecciato Satin Knot Clutch

Intrecciato Satin Knot Clutch This clutch reminds me quite a lot of Alexander McQueen, but if you're not eager to showcase any skulls (fabulous as they might be), then Veneta or something Veneta-inspired are excellent alternatives! This particular clutch comes in an array of colors, but I love this gorgeous emerald green. You don't see enough green, I don't think, and the weaving makes the bag itself look like a darling gem.

10 Intrecciato-Trimmed Two-Tone Leather Clutch

Intrecciato-Trimmed Two-Tone Leather Clutch Lastly, we have what be my favorite Bottega Veneta handbag, since I am such a huge fan of pink! If you love hot pink also but are wary of carrying such a bright bag, look instead for pieces like this. The color still stands at attention, especially due to the trim, but it's kept in check by a softer, more neutral color. It's a statement piece, yet still fully functional, and it provides a fantastic way to introduce pops of bright color into your daily wardrobe!

Bottega Veneta bags don't require a lot of embellishments or hardware. The designs speak for themselves, focusing on clean lines and minimalistic silhouettes. They're clean, elegant, and chic, relying instead on supple, luxurious materials and unexpected colors, whether they're bold or simply a new take on an old classic. What's your take on designer bags: do you prefer the name on the logo or would you rather find similar designs of the handbags you love?

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