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7 Ways to Make over Your Handbag ...

By Sophia

Ways to makeover your handbag can range from a simple attachment to an all-over redesign. When you use the same handbag every day, it can all get a bit monotonous. If you’re like me and always want your things to look new and on-trend, there are plenty of ways to reinvent your basic items. If you’re after a new way to make over your handbag, check out the following ideas.

1 Stud It

Stud ItGive your bag some edge with some studded detailing. Taking cues from designers like Alexander Wang, why not add some studded details to the base of a barrel-style handbag? There are plenty of DIY tutorials online, with plenty of people finding this to be a stylish makeover idea.

2 Tassel up

Tassel upAdding a cute bag chain or attachments can quickly spruce up a tired old handbag. Right now, tassel detailing is definitely having a moment. If you can’t find a cute tassel bag attachment, try making your own with small tassels usually reserved for curtain tie-backs!

3 Tie on a Scarf

Tie on a ScarfAnother one of those quick and easy ways to makeover your handbag is to tie a scarf around one of the handles. A brightly colored scarf is a fun choice, while more classic patterns might be better suited to classic styles of handbags.

4 Paint It

Paint ItIf your handbag is on its last legs, but you’re not ready to give up on it just yet, try adding a slick of paint to it. A neon stripe down the center of a tan bag is one fashionable option, or you could try a color blocked makeover by painting the bottom half of a tote-style handbag.

5 Change Straps

Change StrapsIf your bag allows for detachable straps, this is great! Changing the straps on your bag is one of those fun ways to make over your handbag. If you usually have leather straps, why not switch them with chain link straps for something a bit more classy? If your bag is a more casual style, like a canvas tote, try adding rope straps for a beachy feel.

6 Bejewel It

Bejewel ItGive a plain old handbag an opulent update with some stick on jewels. You can add as little or as many as you want, depending on the look you’re after. Lay them out first in the pattern you want, to avoid any inconsistencies later on. Then attach them and, voila! You’ve got a dazzling, updated handbag!

7 Dye It

Dye ItThis way to make over your handbag best applies to canvas or fabric totes. If you’ve got a plain, natural colored tote, try changing the color with some fabric dye. Either dye the entire bag, or try a dip-dye effect for something different. Remember, though, to take into consideration any prints or motifs on the bag before you dye it.

These are just a few ways to makeover your handbag. For the more in-depth makeovers, like studding and painting, I’d stick to handbags that are on their last legs or ones you’ve bought on a budget. What’s your best way to makeover your handbag?

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