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20 Essential Items for Your Handbag ...

By Stephanie

These essential items for your handbag are considered must haves for your already packed purse. These items can be used in case of an emergency or for daily use. You’ll never know when you’ll need a pack of tissues or some Advil. So, take note of these essential ideas for your handbag and shove them all into your everyday purse!

1 Form of ID

You should always carry some form of identification with you; you never know when you’ll have to prove your identity and that in itself makes this item top my list of essential items for your handbag. You have to make sure you can prove who you are, especially if you get pulled over on the road or want to buy an alcoholic drink in a restaurant.

2 Medicine

You don’t need to take the whole medicine cabinet with you, but grab a few pain killers, cough drops and Pepto Bismol tablets and you’re good to go! It's good to be prepared for the sudden onset of a migraine or a similar ailment.

3 Pack of Tissues

You never know when you’ll get hit with a bloody or runny nose. Although, you don’t need to shove a full sized tissue box into your purse; a travel sized pack will do.

4 Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers come in so much handy (especially in those winter months when the flu is going around!). I love the Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac ones. They have the most refreshing scents!

5 Hand Lotion

Similar to hand sanitizers, Bath and Body Works also makes travel sized hand lotions, which are perfect for your bag! Whip one out when you're waiting on a train or sitting in class; it's an easy way to keep your hands hydrated!

6 Sewing Kit

You’ll never know when a button will pop off your favorite jacket or you’ll discover a hole in your jeans while you’re on the go. All you need is a little bit of thread, a needle and a few buttons and you’ll be prepared for almost any fashion emergency.

7 A Nail Clipper

Can you say 'hang nails?' Hang nails drive me absolutely bonkers! Save yourself some pain and be prepared to fight off hang nails or groom broken or split nails.

8 Emergency Cash

I always carry emergency cash on me. My mother insisted I carry at east $20 with me since I was in high school. She insisted that it was a good idea because if I ever needed to call a tow truck, they don't always accept credit cards. Although, this emergency cash can be used in so many other ways -- the possibilities are endless!

9 Band-Aids

Stock up on band-aids. You never know when you'll get an unexpected cut. Recently, I've been filing a lot of paperwork and end up with small paper cuts all over my fingers! The band-aids definitely come in handy!

10 Pens

In case you need to sign something, you'll be prepared with a pen. Or if you need to jot down a small reminder to yourself.

11 Keys

How could you leave your home without your keys? This necessity is pretty much a given. House keys, car keys, office keys; make sure you got them all!

12 Post Its

You’ll never know when you’ll need to scribble down a reminder or a phone number you’ll need to call later. Post Its are perfect for this. A pad of paper can do the trick as well!

13 Feminine Products

This is a must have. Your monthly friend isn’t always convenient or on time. In fact, it tends to come at the worst times. Be prepared for the worst!

14 Stain Stick

Stains are inevitable. Be prepared. Enough said.

15 Lip Balm

Keep those lips hydrated (especially in cold weather!). Apply lip balm on the go to keep your lips looking fresh and feeling soft!

16 Oil Blotting Paper

Ladies, oil blotting paper can be life savers (especially if you have an oily face!). It's crazy how much dirt and oil your face accumulates. Be prepared on the go so you'll always have a fresh looking face!

17 Deodorant

No one likes the stench of body odor! Shove a mini deodorant into your bag in case you're in a rush in the morning and forget to apply deodorant or need to freshen up after a few hours at the gym!

18 Fragrance Mist

This one is similar to deodorant, but it only masks the smell; it doesn't get rid of it. Apply your signature scent in the early morning hours, then carry a mini fragrance mist in your purse for a quick refresher in the late afternoon!

19 Credit/Debit Cards

Who doesn't have a credit or debit card? Carry that with you, especially if it's your main method of payment!

20 Mints or Gum

Fresh breath? Yes, please! Dump a pack of gum or mints into your everyday bag so you won't be stuck with bad breath all day long!

So, ladies, do you have any (if not all) of these essential items in your handbag? If not, do you have any other items that you must have in your purse at all times?

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