7 Iconic Bags Named after Celebrities ...


7 Iconic Bags Named after Celebrities ...
7 Iconic Bags Named after Celebrities ...

There are many iconic bags named after celebrities. Celebrities and models have long been playing muses to fashion designers, so it only makes sense that they end up having some things named in their honour. Certain bags, like the ‘Birkin’ by Hermès or the ‘Stam’ by Marc Jacobs have become popular cult items. Take a look at the following list for more iconic bags named after celebrities.

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Hermès ‘Birkin’ Bag

Hermès ‘Birkin’ Bag As far as iconic bags named after celebrities go, the Birkin is probably one of the most famous. The legend of the Birkin bag all started when one of the head honchos at Hermès heard singer and actress Jane Birkin complaining that she wasn’t able to find an elegant, roomy bag that she liked. And, well, the rest is history. The Birkin bag isn’t just one of the most expensive bags around; it’s also one of the hardest to obtain, with waiting lists of up to months and even years!


Hermès ‘Kelly’ Bag

Hermès ‘Kelly’ Bag Another iconic bag named after a celebrity is the Hermès Kelly bag. Grace Kelly was one of the greatest style icons of our time, so it makes sense that one of the most coveted handbags in the world was named after her. The bag was actually a favourite of Grace Kelly’s long before it was named in her honour. To this day, the bag is a symbol of luxury and timeless style.


Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’ Bag

Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’ Bag Actresses and Princesses aren’t the only ones to get bags named after them. Models often act as muses for designers. Marc Jacobs famously named a bag after model Jessica Stam. It has a vintage inspired look thanks to its quilted design and chain link strap. It was an instant hit with fashionistas and is probably one of the more iconic it-bags of the 2000s.


Mulberry ‘Alexa’ Bag

Mulberry ‘Alexa’ Bag One of the most recent additions to the list of iconic bags named after celebrities is the Mulberry ‘Alexa’ satchel. Named after British style icon Alexa Chung, the bag is a modern take on the classic Mulberry designs. It was a smart move on Mulberry’s part, and the bag instantly became a cult favourite with the fashion set.


Luella ‘Gisele’ Bag

Luella ‘Gisele’ Bag Another model to have had a bag named after her was Giselle Bundchen. British brand Luella named the bag in her honour and sent her down the runway carrying one. While the girly design of the bag seems nothing at all like the glamorous Brazilian model, the association still worked a treat. It became an iconic bag for the now defunct British label and was one of its best selling items.


Hermès ‘Constance’ Bag

Hermès ‘Constance’ Bag This bag was initially designed in honour of one of the ladies behind the Hermès dynasty. However, soon enough it became associated with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. While it wasn’t technically named after Jackie O, it was a favourite of hers and people even started calling it the O-bag!


Ferragamo ‘Sofia’ Bag

Ferragamo ‘Sofia’ Bag Sophia Loren is a famed long-time customer of Ferragamo. Her namesake bag is elegant and timeless, much like the lady herself. The bag is also a favourite with modern day celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes.

These are just a few iconic bags that have been named after celebrities. Certain brands, like Hermès, seem to make a habit of calling their bags after celebrity style icons. Can you think of any other iconic bags named after celebrities?

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A mulberry bag was named after the american singer,i forget her name though.😁

Fab article! On no4. you accidentally put the luella bag instead of the Alexa Mulberry! X

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