7 Iconic Bags Named after Celebrities ...

There are many iconic bags named after celebrities. Celebrities and models have long been playing muses to fashion designers, so it only makes sense that they end up having some things named in their honour. Certain bags, like the ‘Birkin’ by Hermès or the ‘Stam’ by Marc Jacobs have become popular cult items. Take a look at the following list for more iconic bags named after celebrities.

1. Hermès ‘Birkin’ Bag

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As far as iconic bags named after celebrities go, the Birkin is probably one of the most famous. The legend of the Birkin bag all started when one of the head honchos at Hermès heard singer and actress Jane Birkin complaining that she wasn’t able to find an elegant, roomy bag that she liked. And, well, the rest is history. The Birkin bag isn’t just one of the most expensive bags around; it’s also one of the hardest to obtain, with waiting lists of up to months and even years!

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