10 Fabulously Chic Top Designer Bags a Fashionista Should Have ...


10 Fabulously Chic Top Designer Bags a Fashionista Should Have ...
10 Fabulously Chic Top Designer Bags a Fashionista Should Have ...

Top Designers Bags are all lust worthy items. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has dreamt about owning an Hermes Birkin bag or a vintage Chanel purse. When it comes to top designer bags, there are a select few that are worth looking at. Now, I’m not saying you should own all of them (one could only dream!) but if you’re looking to invest in an iconic design then these are the top designer bags that you should be looking at.

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Chanel 2.55

Chanel 2.55 Price: $3900.00 at chanel.com
When it comes to the most iconic top designer bags, you can’t beat the Chanel 2.55. This luxury bag epitomises the understated, stylish nature of the Chanel brand. There is the classic flap version of this bag, and the newer reissue. The classic version features the iconic interlocking C hardware while the reissue doesn’t. This bag is available in a range of colours and finishes.


Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy Price: $1270.00 at louisvuitton.com
The Louis Vuitton Speedy is another timeless designer bag. With a simple silhouette, the Speedy comes in a range of sizes. While this style of bag is probably more iconic in the Louis Vuitton monogram, I think it is much more sophisticated in a plain leather finish.


Hermes Birkin

Hermes Birkin Price: $9000.00-$150,000.00 at hermes.com
Despite being free of any overt logos, the Birkin bag is one of the most recognisable top designer bags in the world. This luxury bag is not only stylish, but very expensive. With the option of customisation, and previously with a waiting list of up to six years to even buy one, this bag is all about exclusivity.


Mulberry Bayswater

Mulberry Bayswater Price: $1050.00 at net-a-porter.com
The Bayswater is the ideal larger sized bag. While the Mulberry Alexa may be all the rage now, the Bayswater was the original ‘It’ bag for the iconic British brand. With a classic design that is sure to last you year in and year out, this bag is definitely worth investing in.


Fendi Baguette

Fendi Baguette Price: $1345.00 at barneys.com
The Fendi Baguette was one of the first top designer bags to reach ‘It’ status. Designed by the Italian fashion house, this bag was designed to be neatly tucked under the arm. This bag is available in a range of finishes from beads to fur, and everything in between.


Miu Miu Bow Tote

Miu Miu Bow Tote Price: $1239.00 at mytheresa.com
This bag is a modern classic. It’s the perfect everyday bag for the modern woman. The bow embellishment is feminine and flirty, but the design is functional. This bag is available in a range of colours from black to grey and pastel pink.


YSL Muse

YSL Muse Price: $1525.00 at mytheresa.com
This bag has become one the luxury brand’s signature looks. The popularity of the YSL Muse bag lies with it’s celebrity following and has been seen on many a famous shoulder. This bag has a simple design, and there lies its appeal.


Marc Jacobs Stam

Marc Jacobs Stam Price: $1350.00 at barneys.com
The Stam bag is another one of the more modern top designer bags. Named after the Canadian model Jessica Stam, this bag reached cult status. The style of the bag is quite ladylike, and often features a quilted leather finish. It features metal chain-link hardware, and is reminiscent of the classic Chanel bag.


Gucci Boston

Gucci Boston Price: $960.00 at net-a-porter.com
This bag features the signature Gucci diamond pattern. It has a classic rectangular ‘Boston’ shape and features grab-top handles as well as a shoulder strap. This medium sized handbag is ideal for creating a classically chic look.


Balenciaga City

Balenciaga City Price: $1445.00 at barneys.com
One of the more modern additions to this list, the Balenciaga City is all about creating a casual off-duty look. It gained popularity as being the ‘It’ bag of many a model and celebrity. As such, it quickly became one of the top designer bags on every fashionista’s radar.

How many of these top designer bags did you recognise? While these top designer bags are all pricey, let’s not forget that they are luxury items. If you’re looking to invest in a classic designer handbag, then these are all worthwhile investments. What’s on your list of top designer bags?

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Awe... I keep dreaming about Chanel 2.55. I only have a LV speedy from this list. Hermes in an interesting color is another dream of mine. Fantastic list! Thanks a lot!

Why would you pay THAT much for a bag?!

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