7 Tips for Choosing a Handbag ...


7 Tips for Choosing a Handbag ...
7 Tips for Choosing a Handbag ...

How to choose a handbag is handy knowledge to have. Picking the right handbag for your needs will ensure that your outfits are always accessorised well. Everyone will have their own little check lists of what to look out for when buying a handbag – after all, it’s a very personal decision! Whether you’re after a roomy every day bag or something for a special occasion, take the hassle out of choosing a handbag with these helpful pointers.

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Ask yourself what kind of bag you’re after before you buy a new handbag. Do you want a bag for work, school, or a special event? Will you be carrying a lot or just the bare essentials? Do you want a bag with lots of compartments or just one? Putting together a list of things you want from your bag will prevent you from getting sidetracked!



You know you’ve found a good bag when it goes with the majority of your outfits. Constantly switching up bags for different outfits and shuttling all your contents in between bags can be quite exhausting. When it comes to how to choose a handbag to match the majority of my wardrobe, I tend to stick to less fussy designs and neutral colours like tan and black.



Colour can play an important role when choosing a handbag. Black and tan handbags are classics and ever so versatile, but coloured bags are perfect for adding a pop of personality to an outfit. Colour is a very personal choice, so don’t feel the need to buy a black everyday handbag if you know you’ll get more use out of a bright or unusual colour.



Size is another thing to consider when it comes to how to choose a handbag. Smaller handbags and clutches are better suited for formal events, while bigger totes and carryall bags are perfect for every day use. Medium sized bags are perfect for getting away with both day and night outfits.



Scale, as well as size, is something to consider when choosing a handbag. To make a handbag look the most flattering, try picking a bag in proportion to your body size. Petite body shapes may find that smaller handbags complement their figures better, while taller and broader body shapes can generally get away with carrying oversized handbags.

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Before purchasing a handbag, check the quality. Make sure all the components and hardware are in working order. You don’t want to be buying a dud! Check the seams to make sure they’re strong and test hardware like locks and zippers to ensure they’re fully functional.



One of the biggest factors in how to choose a handbag is the price. Before splashing out on a handbag, think about how often you’ll use it and roughly calculate the cost per wear. If it’s a good quality handbag and you know it’ll last you for some time then it might be worth spending that little bit extra. If you’ve found the perfect handbag in your price range – lucky you!

Of course, everyone is different and has different priorities when looking at how to choose a handbag. These are just some things to consider when choosing a handbag. When it comes to how to choose handbags, what things do you look out for?

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Coach is now, sadly, made in China. They moved there operations from the US. They are still the same quality, but many US jobs were lost.

Apart of quality, I also like to know where they are made

Awesome stuff. I liked it very much. The handbags in the pictures are just beautiful and attractive. And yes, the information provided by you is too helpful while buying a handbag.

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