7 Classic Chanel Bags ...

By Sophia

7 Classic Chanel Bags ...

Classic Chanel bag styles are iconic and easily recognisable. A timeless style of bag will easily last you a lifetime, and what better brand to share the journey with than Chanel? Their designs are all about luxury and elegance, and are a favourite with fashionable folk around the world. If you’re looking to make an investment and delve into the wonderful world of Chanel, take a look at these classic styles of Chanel bags.

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1 Classic Flap

Classic Flap The Classic Flap is probably the most iconic and easily recognisable Chanel bags around. This classic Chanel bag is defined by its quilted leather, front flap, chain straps, and interlocking ‘C’ lock. It’s available in small, medium, and jumbo sizes so there’s a size to suit all occasions!

2 2.55 Reissue

2.55 Reissue The 2.55 Reissue is similar in style to the Classic Flap bag, the main difference being the lock on the bag. The lock featured on this bag is called a ‘Mademoiselle’ lock (seeing as Coco Chanel never married) which is more rectangular in shape. The Reissue also has an all chain handle while the Classic Flap is interwoven with leather.

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3 Shopping Tote

Shopping Tote Another style of classic Chanel bag is the Shopping Tote. It has all the classic Chanel details like quilted leather and chain link straps, but comes in a square tote design with top opening. It also features an embossed interlocking C motif on the front.

4 Medallion Tote

Medallion Tote The Medallion Tote is similar to the Shopping Tote with the main difference being the handles. While the Shopping Tote has two chain link straps, the Medallion features two solid leather handles.

5 Timeless Clutch

Timeless Clutch Much like the name suggests, the Timeless Clutch is indeed one of the classic styles of Chanel bags. It has an elegant design with a half moon shape and kiss lock clasp. It also features classic Chanel detailing like quilted leather and interlocking ‘C’ lock. This style of bag would make a wonderful evening wear option.

6 Coco Cabas

Coco Cabas For those who prefer a more modern classic, the Coco Cabas might just be it. It’s a shopper style bag with an oversized, slouchy design. It doesn’t feature the quilted leather detailing that is so iconic of Chanel, but does feature the embossed interlocking C motif on one side.

7 Cerf Tote

Cerf Tote As far as classic Chanel bags go, the Cerf Tote means business. In the style of the Hermes Kelly bag, it has a rectangular shape with solid top handles as well as a longer shoulder strap. The bag has a smooth finish and also features a small interlocking ‘C’ logo at the top of the bag.

Black and beige are timeless colour choices when it comes to choosing a classic Chanel bag. But I guess owning any of these classic Chanel bags, in any colour, would be wonderful enough! Which classic bag is your favourite?

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