7 Things to Check when Buying a Leather Bag ...


7 Things to Check when Buying a Leather Bag ...
7 Things to Check when Buying a Leather Bag ...

Buying a leather bag is something that should be undertaken wisely. When we buy leather bags, we’re often looking for quality items that will stand the test of time. Once you’ve found a bag that you like, remember to inspect it thoroughly before you buy it to ensure that the quality is exactly what you’re after. Check out a few tips for buying leather bags below.

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When buying a leather bag, check for any imperfections on the leather. The leather should be supple and smooth. Generally, the softer the leather, the more expensive it is. You might also want to consider the role that the type of finish has in maintenance. For example, smooth and patent finishes are quite easy to care for while suede may require a bit more upkeep and diligence in keeping clean!



When buying leather bags, it’s important to check the stitching. You want to make sure that the stitching and seams are strong and will handle pressure. Also check to see how neat the stitching is – it’s all about the quality control! If the stitching is sloppy or in any way imperfect, you might not be getting a top quality bag.



When buying a leather bag, remember that the inside is just as important as the outside. Open the bag up and check the lining and seams. You want a good quality lining that won’t tear or fall apart on you. This is especially important when you're buying a leather bag to use every day.



Look at the attachment points on your bag to make sure that they are secure. These are things like handles, straps, and pockets. Handles and straps have to support a fair bit of weight so you want them to be secure. There's nothing worse than dealing with a popped zipper, a stretched clasp, or a broken handle, especially if you're already out for the day.


Hardware and Fittings

When buying a leather bag (or any bag, really), check the hardware and fittings to see that they function smoothly. Open and close the zippers a few times to see that they run smoothly and inspect any locks or clasps. The last thing you’d want is to start using your bag, only to realize that the hardware is faulty!



So you might seem like a bit of a weirdo smelling a bag before you buy it, but the smell of the leather is also something you might want to consider when buying a leather bag. You want the leather to smell ‘natural’ and free of any obvious chemicals and dyes. Besides, high quality leather smells rather divine!



If you’re buying designer leather goods, or from a reputable seller, check to see what their return policy is and if they offer a warranty. While it’s good to do all the groundwork before buying a leather bag, if something does happen to your bag out of your control, it’s nice to be covered for it.

These are just some things to think about when buying a leather bag. It’s all about making sure you get the best quality bag for your money! Do you have any tips for buying leather bags?

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