8 Iconic Contemporary Designer Handbags ...


8 Iconic Contemporary Designer Handbags ...
8 Iconic Contemporary Designer Handbags ...

Iconic designer handbags come in all forms. Bags like the Chanel 2.55 and Hermès Birkin are all classics, but there are plenty of contemporary designer handbags that are quickly becoming cult favourites. These are the modern it-bags that we see take the fashion world by storm every few seasons. Take a look at a few contemporary iconic designer handbags below. You’ll no doubt recognise more than a few on this list.

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Balenciaga ‘City’

As far as iconic contemporary designer handbags go, the Balenciaga ‘City’ design is easily one of the most recognisable. With its distinctive hardware and motorcycle inspired design, it was quickly adopted by trendsetters the world over. Can anyone say model-off-duty?


The Balenciaga 'City' bag is a timeless design, and is available in a variety of colors and materials. It features a unique combination of soft and hard materials, with its signature hardware and adjustable straps. It is a versatile bag, perfect for both day and night wear. The bag also has a spacious, zippered interior, making it perfect for carrying all of your essentials. The 'City' is one of Balenciaga's most popular handbags, and is a must-have for any fashionista. It is a timeless design that will never go out of style.


Miu Miu ‘Coffer’

With its distinctive ruching, the Miu Miu ‘Coffer’ is certainly eye-catching. While initially quite a seasonal offering from the label, this handbag has no doubt enjoyed a certain staying power. It’s pretty and feminine, and perfect for the everyday.


Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’

He’s the dictator of modern ‘cool’ dressing, and the Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’ bag has plenty of attitude to boot. This iconic designer handbag has a barrel shape and features distinctive stud detailing at the base.


Proenza Schouler ‘PS1’

The ‘PS1’ was the first handbag to come from the Proenza Schouler label. As such, it gained a lot of hype and became an instant must-have. The design is not only distinctive, but completely wearable. It’s also available in a range of sizes, colours, and finishes so there’s something to suit everyone.


Céline ‘Luggage Tote’

There’s no doubt that the Céline brand has been on a roll with their iconic designer handbags lately. The famous ‘Luggage’ tote has been seen on everyone from top editors, socialites, and celebrities. It manages to combine timeless styling with plenty of modern street-cred. Bravo, Céline, bravo.


Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’

It seems like models and it-girls are invaluable sources of inspiration when it comes to creating iconic designer handbags. This particular Marc Jacobs handbag was named after the model Jessica Stam. The combination of quilted leather, chain strap, and kiss lock closure make for a modern and feminine design.


Mulberry ‘Alexa’

While the Mulberry brand has heritage roots, part of the inspiration for the ‘Alexa’ bag came from a very modern source. Named in honour of it-girl Alexa Chung, this iconic designer handbag mixed classic and modern styling to create a highly covetable piece of fashion.


Alexander McQueen ‘Skull Clutch’

While it’s on the smaller side of things, Alexander McQueen’s skull clutches well and truly pack a punch. The compact body of these clutches can come in an array of embellished finishes and the skull-adorned clasps are a defining feature of the design.

When it comes to iconic designer handbags, there are plenty that could make the cut. Which iconic designer handbag is your favourite? Are there any more that you’d like to add to the list?

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