7 Top British Handbag Designers You Should Get to Know ...

Do you know and like any British handbag designers? I’m one of those strange women who doesn’t really like handbags but I appreciate them and like to choose a good one on the odd occasion I have to buy one. When I do, I usually pick something from the wonderful creations of British handbag designers.

1. Lulu Guinness

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I have to start off my list of British handbag designers with Lulu Guinness because the prized possession in my very small collection of bags is a Lulu Guinness Edie – a small black leather cross body bag. Lulu Guinness bags are vivid designs but always practical. The most iconic bag from this designer with a host of original ideas is the Lips clutch, which comes in a terrific range of colors. The Lulu Guinness range includes all types of bags, purses and clutches, as well as luggage and accessories.

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