7 Hot Alexander McQueen Bags You Are Going to Fall in Love with ...


I'll make no secret of the fact that I love Alexander McQueen bags. Even after the late fashion designer's brand was taken over by Sarah Burton, the outlandish designs just kept on flowing. As someone who likes to stand out, I do prefer the Alexander McQueen bags that will help me do that. However, there are some more conventional items behind the brand too.

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Britannia Skull-Clasp Clutch Bag

Britannia Skull-Clasp Clutch Bag Taking the Union Jack and jazzing it up is no easy feat. Yet it seems that every color under the sun has been used on this bag. A lot of Alexander McQueen bags from the 2014 collection are hammering away at this old skull trend. Looking at other fashion sites, I have seen plenty of designers mimicking this approach!


Tricolor Skull Padlock Backpack

Tricolor Skull Padlock Backpack Who says backpacks can't be cool? Not the designers at Alexander McQueen anyway! I think this design is especially brave, as it combines red and green. Rather than leaving you looking as though you are permanently stuck in the festive season, I think this backpack will bring a daring edge to your usual outfit.


Bleeding Stained Glass Clutch

Bleeding Stained Glass Clutch It isn't just this Alexander McQueen clutch that is bleeding! As tragic as this sounds, my heart bleeds a little every time I realize I can't have it. Why is that exactly? Well, because it has sold out. It seems I am not the only woman out there in love with this bag.


Floral-Print Multicolor Skull Zip Pouch

Floral-Print Multicolor Skull Zip Pouch You know when artists seriously lose themselves in a piece of work? Well that is what this clutch reminds me of. Looking at it is like taking a little trip through the flower garden feature in Alice in Wonderland. The beautiful monarch butterflies make that delicate edge even more apparent.


Knuckle Duster Snakeskin Clutch

Knuckle Duster Snakeskin Clutch Knuckle dusters aren't just for thugs and gangs you know. They're quite suitable for us ladies too. Now I don't recommend taking your anger out on anybody using this bag. I do, however, feel that the knuckle dusters give it a serious edge you are not going to get with any other type of handle. Now there really is no excuse for dropping your purse on a night out.


Leaf Embroidered Twin Skull Clutch

Leaf Embroidered Twin Skull Clutch You have to be a serious minimalist to make the most of this bag. But then again, who cares? It is that gorgeous, sacrificing one or two items so you can carry it around elegantly is absolutely worth the experience. This Swarovski crystal adorned piece is the absolute peak of Alexander McQueen's spring/summer bag collection.


Suede Skull Padlock Bag

Suede Skull Padlock Bag Oh hello 1970s vibe, I really am feeling you with this backpack! Somehow, I think of schoolkids wearing this, yet that doesn't make it utterly uncool. In fact, this type of bag is excellent for the beach. It even comes with a little wallet, which means you're not going to sacrifice uniformity when you pull out your credit card. To me, that's always a great feature in a bag purchase.

As always, Alexander McQueen is striking all the right style notes. I really feel as though Sarah Burton's designs are going to lead the way in the spring/summer 2014 season. It's no wonder so many of Alexander McQueen's most popular items sell out fast. If there is a particular bag you love, which one is it?

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