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Finding ways to recycle your old bags isn’t just about saving the planet. Why let a bag you once loved go to waste, just because it isn’t on-trend anymore? A great antidote to working your way through bags is to purchase timeless pieces, of course. However, for now, employing ways to recycle your old bags is a fantastic way to get more from those accessories you were once in love with.

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One of the simplest ways to recycle your old bags is to decoupage them. I’m not going to suggest you carry it around with you after decoupaging. Instead, you can use it for ornamental or storage purposes. The bigger the bag, the better this will be.


Decoupage is a great way to recycle old bags and give them a new life. It's a simple and fun craft that can be used to transform an old bag into something unique and beautiful. All you need is some glue, fabric, and paper to get started.

First, you'll need to clean the bag to make sure it's free of dirt and dust. Then, you'll need to cut the fabric and paper into the desired shapes and sizes. Apply a layer of glue to the bag, then place the fabric and paper onto the bag, pressing it down firmly. Once the fabric and paper are in place, you can use a brush to apply a layer of glue over the entire surface. Allow the bag to dry and then apply a layer of sealant to protect the design.

Decoupage is a great way to add a personal touch to an old bag. You can choose any design or color scheme you like, and you can even incorporate some of your own artwork. Once you've finished your decoupage project, you can use the bag for decorative purposes or as a storage container. The larger the bag, the more creative you can be with your design.



Slight confession to make here, I have one laundry basket for my whole house. It takes about half a day to fill it up. If you have an old tote you are about to kiss goodbye, get it clean and use it as a laundry bag instead. Trust me, it looks prettier than letting clothes pile up in the corner of your room. As I tend to do…


Time to Play Dress up

Have kids? Then use your old bags as a dress up prop. Trust me, little girls hardly care about how tatty an old bag is, they’re just determined to look grown up. Don’t have kids? Then save them for little ones in your family. Trust me, you’ll appreciate having something to keep them entertained if/when you come to babysit.



Unless the bag is absolutely on its last legs, I highly recommend giving it to charity. It really is amazing what other people will buy, especially if they feel it has a hidden charm you are overlooking. The nicest part about donating an old bag to charity is that the end result is it will help someone else. As well as considering giving yours to a charity shop, see if a local women’s refuge is in need of donations. Honestly, women’s refuges need items of all kinds.



Okay, so you’re not going to get much floral joy out of sticking your plants into a faux-leather clutch. However, if you do have a straw shopper or another bag that offers similar filtration benefits, I don’t see why you can’t use your bag as a kooky planter. I used to work at my grandparents' garden centre, so I know that a little moss lining can go a long way when using various containers. This is likely to work better if you live in a drier climate or use the planter indoors.


Bathroom Organisation

I know some people love their storage solutions to look all uniform. I don’t, but I guess that’s because I’m not a very uniform person. Rather than letting toiletries and bits of makeup float around, structure your bag using embroidery hoops so they are easy to hang and open, and throw everything in them. It definitely makes tidying easier!



I absolutely wouldn’t try this myself, because my ability to craft in a ‘fashionable’ way reaches the skill levels most toddlers possess. It’s quite tragic really. If you feel you can re-accessorize your bag, go ahead and give it a blast. You never know, you might be able to create a design that is on-trend for the current season.

So you don’t have to just throw your old bags out after all! If you use even one of these tips, you are doing yourself or someone else a favor. I am sure there are more inventive ideas than these out there. So with that in mind, how do you recycle your old bags?

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Maybe include some pictures?

I've seen the handbags, suitcases as planters trick. It works better with vintage leather bags of Birkin or Kelly dimensions (not that you's want to do it with the real deal).

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