11 Best Gym Bags ...

By Vladlena

11 Best Gym Bags ...

Whether you are running to the gym or staying somewhere overnight, the best gym bags can really come in handy. They are spacious, comfy and sometimes even fashionable! However some of them last a lot longer than others. Therefore if you want to invest into a bag that will last you a lifetime, grabbing any one of them off the shelf will probably not work. So if you are in a hunt for one of the best gym bags, start your search here!

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1 Athleta Spring Tote

Athleta Spring Tote Believe it or not but you can fit anything you want into this which makes it one of the best gym bags. There are several removable compartments for laundry and shoes, straps for holding a yoga mat, pocket for earbuds, and much more. Trust me, you will no longer have to stress over managing space with this bag on your shoulder!

Price: $79 at amazon.com

2 Sweaty Betty Studio Holdall

Sweaty Betty Studio Holdall Sweaty Betty Studio Holdall bag is one of the most raved about gym bags on this list. It is spacious, sturdy and comfortable to carry around. It actually features two water bottle pockets, waterproof pouch to house your wet clothing or swimwear, reinforced base and a zip key pocket. This long-lasting and thoughtful design is something that many swimmers appreciate for its convenience!

Price: $120 at shopcade.com

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3 LeSportsac Voyager Backpack

LeSportsac Voyager Backpack However if you are hunting for something more light and stylish, the LeSportsac Voyager Backpack will be something you will appreciate. It has a convenient hands-free fit, front zip pocket, side pockets, and a front clasp with a drawing closure. And let’s admit it doesn't lack in the fashion department either.

Price: $128 at bloomingdales.com

4 Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag

Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag is everything you will ever want and need. It is made of recycled polyester and features a roomy interior with several elastic, and zippered pockets. You will no longer have to drag your yoga mat to class because this bag can actually be used to tie it on. So don’t worry, you will be fully equiped with everything that you need and more!

Price: $39 at gaiam.com

5 Lo & Sons the O.G. - Overnight and Gym Bag

Lo & Sons the O.G. - Overnight and Gym Bag Lo & Sons The O.G. bag looks nothing like the conventional gym bag! It can actually be equally used for work or travelling. It comes in many different colors that a variety of women will appreciate and in addition, it is water resistant inside and outside. The Lo & Sons The O.G. bag leaves nothing to be desired!

Price: $295 at loandsons.com

6 Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle If you are interested in a more preppy gym bag design, this bag offers it all with a more of a masculine chic feel. It has a perfect duffel shape and design that will not be mistaken for a regular gym bag. It comes with a removable padded-shoulder strap, internal mesh pocket, signature shoes compartment and a waterproof zipper.

Price: $80 at amazon.com

7 Adidas by Stella McCartney Backpack

Adidas by Stella McCartney Backpack Adidas by Stella McCartney Backpack is a fun little accessory that serves as a functional gym bag and also leaves you feelings good on the way to the gym. It doesn’t compromise style for performance and offers more comfort than most gym bags do.

Price: $120 at revolveclothing.com

8 Live Well 360 Luxx Fitness Bag

Live Well 360 Luxx Fitness Bag If you hate leaving anything behind on the way to the gym and need more space than you often have, this bag was made for you. It features a variety of compartments for your laptop, yoga mat, shoes and keys. In addition, it comes with a removable strap. a safe pocket for storing jewelry and several other perks!

Price: $165 at opensky.com

9 Nike Bucket Sling Bag

Nike Bucket Sling Bag The Nike Bucket Sling Bag can transform from a shoulder tote to a cross body bag in seconds. It comes with several compartments that expand the storage space and organize your belongings even when you decide to hit the gym. It is unique, spacious and sturdy!

Price: $70 at store.nike.com

10 Lululemon Retro Groove Bag

Lululemon Retro Groove Bag With a beautifully made and effortless design, the Lululemon Retro Groove Bag can be a workout motivator within itself! It has the perfect structural shape and a number of compartments, making it a lot easier to love and harder to resist.

Price: $98 at wanelo.com

11 Nike C72 Beautility

Nike C72 Beautility Nike C72 Beautility is a gym bag you won’t regret purchasing. It comes with a spacious interior, multiple pockets and premium leather detail. It is versatile, trendy and long-lasting so, you can be sure that this investment will be worth it.

Price: $275 at store.nike.com

Finding the right gym bag can be a really long process, after all you need to be sure that your investment will pay off. While some settle for a more simple gym bag, others long for something more trendy and durable. Which gym bag off the list are you most interested in?

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Pricey but all of them are soooooo cute:) plus who wants to spent even more money when you are already spending money for the gym membership.... If only I was a millionaire :p

No.5 is litterlly INDESTRUCTABLE. And will last forever despite the cost it is so worth the price

Ahh!! bags!

I really like the colors :D

4 & 8 are my favorites

Amen to that ^

Next time do an article on "11 Best Cheapest Gym Bags For People Who Can't Afford Expensive Gym Bags" xD

Like #1 best

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