8 Stylish Duffel Bags ...

Duffel Bags are often thought of as being very sporty and generic. However, duffel bags are enjoying a burst of renewed popularity. The term โ€˜duffelโ€™ can cover a range of bags styles, from those with drawstring closures to more generic hold-all or travel style bags. The drawstring, or pouch, bag is great for teaming with a casual dressed-down outfit. Duffel bags can also come in quite streamlined and upmarket designs. Below are just some stylish duffel bags for you to check out.

1. Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel

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Price: $875.00 at barneys.com
This designer duffel bag is a modern cult favourite on the fashion scene. Incorporated the popular studded trend into the design, this bag also manages to be sleek and stylish. It has a cylindrical design with a top zip fastening and grab-top handles. It also features rhodium plated hardware and a studded base. This tan colour would make be great for every day dressing.

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