8 Perfect Black Doctor Bags for a Stylish Look ...


8 Perfect Black Doctor Bags for a Stylish Look ...
8 Perfect Black Doctor Bags for a Stylish Look ...

You no longer need an MD or a DO to carry around chic black doctor bags, which certainly makes this former premed student and current accessory aficionado very, very happy. This season, stylish doctor handbags are all the rage on the catwalks and on the streets. Naturally, they aren't meant to carry scalpels, thread, or small bottles of emergency medicines, but they will safely carry all your day to day necessities, not to mention things like tablets, phones, and even files. They're roomy without being bulky and fashionably fabulous with a sleek, professional look. Check out these charming little black bags and see if they bring out your inner doctor!

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Beatific Bowling Bags

Beatific Bowling Bags A lot of the season's newest, hottest black doctor bags have the iconic bowling bag shape. They're slightly rounded and incredibly chic, with plenty of room for all the things you need to carry along with you. This is a perforated leather tote from Alaïa, and it's an excellent example of the side and shape you'll want to look for when shopping for a doctor bag of your very own. It doesn't have to have a lot of accents and details; something simple and elegant does the trick at the office or on weekend adventures. Better still, it also pairs beautifully with vibrant dresses, so carry it during more formal events as well.


Classic Carryall Doctor Bags

Classic Carryall Doctor Bags In keeping with the whole idea of a “medical bag,” you'll need a black doctor bag in which you can carry a little bit of everything. Carryalls like the Chloe Alice leather tote here are roomy but still a little smaller than bowling bags, so they're ideal if you want something a little more compact. If you don't want to sacrifice space, just look for a handbag with plenty of pockets, inside and out. There are options with gold, silver, or bronze hardware, depending on your preferences, but they're all perfect with classically casual outfits of jeans, heels, and preppy sweaters.


Sleek Studded Bags

Sleek Studded Bags Want something with a rock star edge? Get something with plenty of studded accents and hardware. You'll get lots of edgy appeal, perfect for nights out on the town or adventurous weekend events. This is the Lady Stirrup studded leather doctor bag from Gucci, and it's the perfect inspiration if you want a more hardcore handbag. You don't have to go crazy, but a few well placed studs and the right structure creates a really polished look. You'll be able to go wild with pretty prints and bright colors, from red or electric blue to pale pink or mint green.


Sturdy Canvas Handbags

Sturdy Canvas Handbags If you're looking for smaller black doctor bags that you can carry every day, try something that uses a sturdy but still stylish fabric, like canvas. This Proenza Schouler Kiri bowling bag pairs canvas with leather, which gives it lots of luxe appeal. You, too, can look for a bag that mixes canvas with leather or suede but there are also pieces that focus solely on the durable fabric. As you can see, it still looks incredibly chic. Canvas also adds texture to your ensemble, especially when you put together a look composed of, say, a linen top and an intricately woven skirt.


Chic Corporate Bags

Chic Corporate Bags In fact, there are numerous stylish doctor handbags made for the office. Corporate pieces that double as messenger bags are perfect for your day to day activities, and they work at weekend bags as well. I love this leather tote by Marni, and there are lots of fantastic handbags inspired by this sleekly lined, utterly elegant style. If you can, find something like this one, so that the shoulder strap detaches when you don't want to use it as a messenger; then you've just got a classic doctor bag that looks fabulous with either pencil skirts and fitted suit coats or boldly patterned tops and bright jackets.


Eye-Catching Two-Tone Doctor Bags

Eye-Catching Two-Tone Doctor Bags Yes, it still counts as a black bag if it has a little bit of color! If you want something that's not all black, something with a little bit of contrast, there are plenty of beautiful doctor bags from which you can choose. Jil Sander does it gorgeously with her sporty Madame leather tote. If you're into contrasting colors or want some vibrant accents, definitely be on the lookout for something like this. It's the perfect accessory for a fabulously French little suit, whether you choose your accents in pale pink, creamy white, or even cornflower blue.


Marvelous Minimalistic Pieces

Marvelous Minimalistic Pieces Lots of black doctor bags make use of the season's sleek minimalistic trend. They don't have a lot of accents, the lines are clean, and the structure is stylishly severe. Get inspired by Mulberry's Del Rey large leather tote, which details exactly what you should be looking for. If you prefer silver to gold, then look for bags with hardware where the silver looks a little tarnished or antique. Bronze is an excellent choice as well. Thanks to the minimal look, a bag like this one goes with pretty much any ensemble you can put together, whether you're wearing skinny jeans or a tailored look that meshes well with the bag's smooth structure.


Scrumptious Shapely Totes

Scrumptious Shapely Totes Now, if sharp lines and angles aren't your things, try a stylish doctor handbag that has some curves to it. Look instead for rounded edges or curvaceous structures, as exhibited by this Alexander Wang Jamie leather tote. It almost looks like it's ready to sprout wings and fly away, yet the handle makes it easy to carry – and it's a carryall, so you know you'll have plenty of room for whatever you need. The great thing about a shapely bag is that you can go all out with your color choices and create fashionable juxtaposition by choosing clothing with straight lines and sleek silhouettes.

I adore these black doctor bags more than I can adequately describe. They're great go-to bags for day and evening events, and they offer a marvelously modern take on the idea of a little black bag. It doesn't matter what you do for a living or even what outfit you wear: cool and casual, funky and fashionable, or divine and dressy, you'll easily find a doctor's bag that suits your look. What's your favorite stylish doctor handbag?

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