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7 Must-Have Items for Your Purse That Are Useful Girly and Fun ...

By Jessica

Most all women have specific essentials that are definite must-have items for your purse or bag. I know I don't like to leave home without a few specific things that I consider important for most all occasions and for comfort purposes. Here are some useful, girly and must-have items for your purse that I think you'll love just as much as I do!

1 Compact Hair Brush

Compact Hair BrushOne of the must-have items for your purse is a compact hair brush. My hair tangles fairly easily, especially if it's a windy day or I'm wearing a scarf. Having a hair brush in your bag to fluff up your hair and remove tangles simply makes you look more put together in only a few seconds! The best part is that compact brushes take up minimal space in your bag.

2 Teeth Whitening Gum

Teeth Whitening GumThis year I received a travel pack of professional whitening gum in my Christmas stocking. It's perfect for after coffee or food, when you know you've probably stained your teeth. Whitening gum works well in removing stains as well as keeping your teeth white and bright and your breath smelling fresh.

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3 Mild Smelling Lotion

Mild Smelling LotionIt's always a good idea to have a hand moisturizer with you when you might need it. After washing your hands all day, your skin can really dry out and be uncomfortable. A light, fresh scent is best because there could be other people who may be within your proximity who are sensitive to strong or perfumey smells. Try basic smells like lavender, sage, or eucalyptus, which are generally pleasing to everyone!

4 Hand Sanitizer

Hand SanitizerHand sanitizer is super handy when you need to clean your hands but don't have soap and water on hand. Touching public surfaces all day can put you at risk for cold and flu bugs. This year's flu strain is particularly nasty so having a hand sanitizer in your bag is a must! They come in so many fun smells and are super compact so there's no reason not to have it in your purse!

5 Travel-Sized Makeup Bag

Travel-Sized Makeup BagYour travel-sized makeup bag should include only your essentials in case of needed touch ups while you're away from home. I always have my blush compact and small blush brush, as well as lip balm and a nude lipstick for everyday wear. Your makeup bag may have different essentials depending on your needs, but whatever they are, you'll be glad you have them when you need to freshen up your face!

6 Feminine Products

Feminine ProductsOf course, feminine products are simply a must to have on hand at all times. Even when it's not your time of the month, you just never know and don't want to be unprepared and embarrassed. It's also considerate to keep them handy just in case a friend or even a stranger is in desperate need!

7 Fun Shades with a Case

Fun Shades with a CaseI love to carry my sunglasses with me everywhere I go. I have sensitive eyes so it's convenient when they are within arm's reach whenever the sun decides to poke out (a rarity in the NW)! I also carry them in a hard case so they don't get scratched or damaged!

I know everyone's list of purse items is probably different to some degree because we are all different and unique in our personalities! What items do you have to have in your purse or bag that you use everyday?

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