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There are many reasons beating great black bags is difficult. For one, they are usually so versatile you can wear them with almost anything. In addition, not only are they workplace-appropriate, you can use them in the evening and nobody will bat an eyelid over your sensible approach. Saying that, finding great black bags is sort of challenging. Just how do you source those that are versatile? Fortunately, there are seven out there I think will do the trick.

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Ralph Lauren Pickford Crossbody

Ralph Lauren Pickford Crossbody Ralph Lauren always hits the spot when it comes to black bags. I love this Pickford Crossbody, because when you look closely you can see a little nautical theme going on. Usually, I am not a huge fan of gold chains. However, I reckon the ones featured on this bag give a Pretty Woman sort of vibe, so I’m willing to overlook them. In fact, I would even embrace them.


Michael Kors Kempton Small Tote

Michael Kors Kempton Small Tote You can cheat a little when it comes to black bags and incorporate other colors too. I don’t know how Michael Kors carries off the whole tan and black thing (there is some rule against that somewhere in the fashion world), but he does. This black bag is perfect for the beach, a weekend away, or even just as carry on luggage. You would hardly guess it’s an amazingly practical piece with all that style it’s hiding behind.


Kate Spade Cherry Lane Rory

Kate Spade Cherry Lane Rory Sometimes a bag just needs to stay slick. This clutch from Kate Spade manages just that. It is so streamline, it screams that you mean business when you walk into the office. And yes, this is one of those rare bags that is perfect for an evening out. Get your work wear right, and you won’t even need to change your outfit before post-work cocktails.


Betsey Johnson Racey Lacey Satchel

Betsey Johnson Racey Lacey Satchel I like my satchels to be extra roomy. This is mainly because here in Wales they now charge for plastic bags. This means I can save money, but I also feel a lot better doing my bit for the environment. This is why the Racey Lace Satchel from Betsey Johnson entices me. It offers plenty of room, but it is by no means dull.


The Sak Casual Classics Hobo

The Sak Casual Classics Hobo There is something utterly unsexy about the name ‘hobo’. I imagine the aim behind this word was to conjure images of casual bags! Well that certainly worked. I love this casual classics from Sak. It may not go far in the evening, but sometimes even casual daytime outfits need a little extra effort.


Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Clutch

Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Clutch Who cares if that many zips are pointless? There is something about gold zips that will make a bag edgy. Combined with the chunky gold chain, these zips practically make this Rebecca Minkoff bag glam rock. This bag is stunningly chic!


BCB Generation Zoey Crossbody

BCB Generation Zoey Crossbody Patent may get messy sharpish, but if you have the patience to keep it clean then it won’t let you down in the style stakes. In fact, I would reserve this for non-messy nights out only. Don’t let it near the floor, and keep it away from your friends who tend to spill their drinks. As a parent, I know this type of shine definitely isn’t child-friendly.

Black bags come in all shapes and sizes. They may employ one color, but they’re all unique in their own way. Add a little gold on, and that black becomes glam. Throw in some patterns, and it becomes unique. So if there is a black bag out there you love, do share it for us all to enjoy!

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