7 Classic Purses That You Should Consider Splurging on ...

I’m sure you all have a list of classic purses that you would love to eventually own. I know I do! Classic purses are pricey, but once you get your hands on them, you will really learn to appreciate them. The quality of these classic purses is unbeatable, and here are some of my favorites:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Classic Q Hillier – Huge’ Crossbody Hobo

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I’m sure you’ve seen this super gorgeous bag out and about. It is one of the most classic purses. The shape is a little odd at first, but I learned to love it. It holds a lot, including my giant EOS camera! And I love the quality of Marc Jacobs purses. The leather of this one is unbelievably soft and it goes well with most of my outfits!

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