Never Say Bye to Your Expensive Bags Again with These Tips ...

By Alison

Never Say Bye to Your Expensive Bags Again with These Tips ...

How do you care for an expensive bag and keep it looking good? When you've spent hundreds of dollars on a designer bag, it's important to look after it properly so your expensive purchase is worthwhile. Treat your bag roughly, and it'll soon look tired and worn. But if you look after it well, your bag will last for years. Here are some tips on how to care for an expensive bag …

1 Don't Place on the Floor

If you're going to care for an expensive bag as you should, avoid placing it on the floor. Aside from the security issue (it's safer to keep any bag on your lap), putting your bag on the floor is a guaranteed way for it to get scuffed and dirty, even if it has studs on the base.

2 Store in Its Dust Bag

An expensive designer bag will come with its own dust bag. Always store your bag inside the dust bag - don't be lazy and leave it out on the table or floor. The dust bag isn't just there to make your bag look even more exclusive; it will protect the bag from dust, dirt and damage. If you've lost the dust bag, use a soft pillow case.

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3 Clean & Condition the Leather

You probably clean your shoes, but what about your bag? Leather also needs to be treated so that it doesn't dry out, and most bags will not have been treated. There are lots of leather cleaners and conditioners available. Clean the bag before you apply the treatment, and always put the product on the cloth, not directly on the bag.

4 Careful What You Carry

We tend to treat our bags rather roughly and throw things in them. If you've shelled out for a designer bag, you should be a lot more careful. Use a cheap bag for everyday use. When you use your expensive bag, be careful what you carry in it. Anything that can spill, like makeup or pens, should be kept inside a smaller bag, so that any spillage can be contained.

5 Don't Use Every Day

As tempting as it may be to use your bag every day and show off your lovely purchase, save it for special occasions or when you need to look really stylish. Designer bags aren't meant for everyday use. Give your bag a rest and alternate it with your other bags. It'll stay looking good longer if it's not used all the time.

6 Clean Hands

It's also wise to only touch your bag with clean hands. When ladies used to wear gloves, their bags were rarely touched by bare skin. Skin is oily, and whatever you've touched will be transferred onto your bag. It can quickly get smeared and dirty.


As soon as you see any scuffs or problems, get your bag fixed. Believe it or not, there are actually 'bag hospitals' where you can take your precious designer purchase to be cleaned and repaired. They can do everything from repairing a broken zip to fixing loose stitching. Some brands do repairs in house on their own bags.

A lovely designer bag can be a good investment, but you will need to look after it well to justify the investment and enjoy your bag for many years. Keep it in good shape, and you can resell it or keep it for your daughter. Would you love to own a designer bag, or will any old thing do?

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what about cleaning a canvas bag.. I am using one from coach...don't know how to clean it properly

What is a base shaper?

Hospital for handbags?!? Interesting... Those anyone know where to find one?

What is the point then?💥

Can somebody please help me? I bought a Michael Kors bag from a women's website. It's a new bag but got it with no tags. How can I find out if the bag is authentic from serial numbers? I been looking all over google for a website but can't find one :-(

Most of good leather houses carry cleanser for cleaning leather use that on ur expensive leather bags

Good tips but I haven't I will follow them when I purchase expensive one ;)

I also use a base shaper.

I disagree with #5. Why spend all that money on a beautiful bag if you aren't going to use it. I use my Louis Vuitton everyday. Beautiful things make me happy!

Coach has several different cleaners available specifically for their bags.



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