7 Circular Bags That Will round out Your Outfits Right Now ...

Circular bags are a fun way to change up your outfits this season. They’re a little bit quirky and are a far cry from your ordinary day to day tote bags and satchels. From basic black to playful prints and kooky colour combinations, there’s a style of circular bag to suit all tastes. If you like to think outside of the square, so to speak, then check out these cool circular bags.

1. Whipstitch Shoulder Bag

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Accessory trends sometimes have a short lifespan but you can hardly go wrong with basic black bags, right? This cute as a button circular bag is a versatile number which you could style with either the most basic or most flamboyant outfits. The whipstitch details and large tassel add that little something extra to the design while an adjustable shoulder strap is purely functional. At over $1000, this bag by Wendy Nichol is definitely in the β€˜way too expensive’ basket but if you keep your eyes peeled you’re sure to find something similar on the high street.

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