21 Bags with Spectacular Cutouts That Will Make Your Life so Much Better ...

By Eliza

21 Bags with Spectacular Cutouts That Will Make Your Life so Much Better ...

A girl can never have too many fabulous bags, right? Bags with fun cutout patterns are all the rage right now and I think you have room in your closet for one. If not, make some room because what you see on this list is going to change your life. Here are the best of the best. The only problem will be deciding which one you want the most.

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1 Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow ssense.com

2 Bright Blue

Bright Blue ‌nordstromrack.com

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3 Basic Black

Basic Black ‌‌whitehouseblackmarket.com

4 Strap Cutouts

Strap Cutouts neimanmarcus.com


5 Lovely Clutch

Lovely Clutch revolveclothing.com

6 Small, but Dependable

Small, but Dependable yoins.com

9 Classic White


10 For a Night out on the Town


11 Simple and Neutral


12 Black Tote Bag


13 Perfect for Any Outfit


14 Simple and Elegant


15 How about Bright Green?


16 Good for Anything


17 You Can't Go Wrong with Red


18 Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink polyvore.com

19 Dusty Pink


20 Fun and Funky


21 Adorable Summer Clutch


Do you see one you're dying to have? What will you pair it with?

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I love the studded #7 but where are the cutouts??

Love 15!

If I bought some of these bags, then I'd have NO $ to put in them!


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