Animal Print Bags That Will Make You Roar ...

By Neecey

Animal Print Bags That Will Make You Roar ...

Animal print is timeless. Leopard, zebra, crocodile, snakeskin - all are popular in our need to accessorize. If you need a new bag, or just want one, here's a wee selection of animal print bags to pore over.

1 Leopard Print Tote

Leopard print AND sequins? On the same bag? Yes please.
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2 ASOS Structured Box Shoulder Bag

Interesting shape in a faux snakeskin print.
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3 Leopard Print Backpack

Animal print is not too cool for school.
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4 Zebra Print Cross-body Bag in Red

Go wild for stripes.
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5 Croc Slouch Bag

Plenty of room and stylish too.
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6 Faux Fur Shoulder Bag

Stroke this leopard and it won’t bite.
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7 Mini Backpack

This bag is all about the subtle faux snakeskin pattern.
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8 YSL Leopard Print Shoulder Bag

This price will not have you purring like a cat.
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9 Zebra Print Shoulder Handbag

Very shiny and very stripey
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10 Snakeskin Cross Body

A snakeskin you won’t mind curling around your body.
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11 Giraffe Print Faux Leather Tote

Plenty of room in this one.
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12 Leopard Print Heart Shape Cross Body

Do you ❤ it?
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13 Zebra Print Wristlet

I like the personalization with the monogram.
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14 Leopard Print Clasp Wallet

A streamlined and chic way to store your cash, cards and other valuables.
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15 Soho Clutch

Snappy bag at a snappy price. Snap it up. (Ok enough already with the snap puns)
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16 Carpisa Basket Tote Bag

The statement is in the leopard print handle.
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17 Leopard Print Tote

Stylish and practical and affordable.
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Any of these make you roar?

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