14 Things Every Woman Should Carry in Her Bag ...


14 Things Every Woman Should Carry in Her Bag ...
14 Things Every Woman Should Carry in Her Bag ...

Women love carrying their fancy bags around- be it your tote or your backpack - you would not leave the house without a bag to store your essentials in. Here is a list of essentials every woman should carry in her bag. They might come hand in unexpected situations and will help you stay prepared for every situation. So carry your bag around with your favorite essentials and stay carefree and prepared.

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Portable Charger

If you are an avid phone user, this should be on top of your list. We tend to use our phones round the clock and almost for everything. When you rely too much on your phone the battery can sometimes let you down. Carry a portable charger in your bag and use it whenever you are low on the battery. You won't have to worry to find a charging port everywhere you go.


Hand Sanitizer

All throughout the day we touch a billion objects. And we all know public places are not the most sanitary ones. Even your workplace is not all the good. Use a sanitizer to clean your hands every once in a while. Get a small pocket sanitizer for your purse which doesn't occupy much space.


Hand Cream

Our hands can get dry due to the constant work. Keep a nourishing hand cream in your purse to massage a little amount onto your hands to make them soft and improve blood circulation. It makes the hands look plump and healthy.



You could have prescribed glasses or sunglasses in your bag and make sure you carry the case as well. Prescribed glasses are a must. Even sunglasses can be essential on a warm summer day. They also help you hide your tired eyes if you missed sleep the night before.


Makeup Pouch

With the variety of makeup that we use, it is very difficult to find the right product in the purse at the right time. If you have an organizer for your makeup separately, your life will be a million times easier. P.S. also carry a small mirror in your makeup pouch.


Extra Tampons or Pads

Caring tampons or pads will make you feel relieved at all times. You might not want to carry it in your bag daily but make sure you start to carry it in your bag 5 days before your period is due. Sometimes an extra tampon can benefit a colleague or a friend too.


Hair Ties

We all run out of hair ties so often. We misplace them usually. Get a small pack of hair ties and keep it in your purse so that you can keep your hair out of your face when required and you don't need to run around finding them all the time.


Breath Mints

This is an absolute necessity for both the sexes. Mints are an instant way to freshen up your breath. You might also have a favorite flavor. But carry more than 1 flavor in your bag to change your taste whenever you feel bored of one particular mint.


Tissues and Face Wipes

You never know when you'd need tissues- to clean the bench before you want to sit, to clean your hands, and the list goes on. Never ditch on keeping a pack of tissues in your purse.



Always moisturize the lips. Hydration of the lips comes from eating healthy and taking proper care of your lips. Never leave your lips without a coat of chapstick. You can use a lip balm, a roll-on or a regular chapstick- whatever suits you the best. Also, chapstick can double up as an eyeshadow - just a little dab on the eyelids and blend with your finger. Moreover, you can also use it as a cheek highlighter if you can't find yours at the moment.



As much as we have digitalized and card payments are very easy to do, never underestimate paper money. It works everywhere whereas your card won't. Small shops sometimes don't support digital payments. Also if you pay via mobile and you run out of battery, things can be difficult. Do not carry too much cash, but enough to get you out of trouble.



It is not necessary to carry a big bag of chips, NO. Get a small pack of cookies or biscuits. A protein bar or a cereal bar would also be great. Do not pack in a lot. Just a pack or two to beat the hunger pangs.


Safety Pins

You would never know when your dress needs a fix. Carry a few safety pins in your bag to avoid embarrassing situations and always be on point with your outfits.



These can come handy when you hurt yourself. Other ways you could use it is to put it on the back of your foot to avoid your heels from hurting your feet. Also, you can use it to cover up a nail with chipped nail polish.

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