8 Wallets I Want ...


8 Wallets I Want ...
8 Wallets I Want ...

As you may already be aware, from multiple posts I’ve written, I have a thing for handbags. Well, I also have a similar thing for wallets, which are, in my opinion, just small purses. And can you blame me? There are so many fun, funky, stylish wallets out there! To give you an idea, here are 8 wallets I want.

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Owl for the Money Wallet

Owl for the Money Wallet Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
This is more than just a place to keep your debit card and small change. It’s more like a highly organized clutch, with two brightly-hued owls on the front and one on the back, standing guard. Use it for your ID, cards, cash, and more!


Hello, Sweet Tooth Wallet

Hello, Sweet Tooth Wallet Price: $34.99 at modcloth.com
Hello Kitty is one of my favorite fashion mavens… just look at her signature bow! And this wallet, featuring Miss Kitty herself on the front flap, is the ideal way to celebrate her style. In fact, even the little donut on back is wearing a bow!


Free at Last Wallet

Free at Last Wallet Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
Why, hello there little birdie! I’m so glad you came to visit, perched here on this pretty vinyl wallet by Fruit Tree. But where are your friends? On the back you say, with an orchard full of juniper trees? Divine! Inside are plenty of slots for ID and cards, and cash, of course.


Game of Hearts Wallet

Game of Hearts Wallet Price: $41.99 at modcloth.com
This pretty, glittery wallet by Deux Lux is ideal for using as a clutch for a night out or simply as a wallet, as intended. It’s made of shiny faux leather with a big, puffy iridescent heart on one side and lots of slots and pockets inside for all of your typical wallet goodies.


Buddy Chub Wallet

Buddy Chub Wallet Price: $19.99 at modcloth.com
If this bright little billfold doesn’t make you smile, nothing will. It’s made by Pocketo of rainbow-striped vinyl with a truly delightful smile on the outside. Included is a matching pin, to wear on your lapel, a cotton tote, or just in your bulletin board to remind yourself to smile.


I Let My Tape Rock Wallet

I Let My Tape Rock Wallet Price: $7.99 at modcloth.com
Remember those mix tapes you used to make your your besties, or for that gorgeous guy you had a crush on in high school? This funky zip-top wallet is a ringer for those tapes, just a little bigger so it can hold all of your wallet-type essentials. Choose from brown and red or green and white with blue.


Elephino Wallet

Elephino Wallet Price: $17.99 at modcloth.com
My 8th grade math teacher used to tell this joke: what do you get when you cross and elephant and a rhinoceros? Eliphino! Right… not really that smart. But this wallet, with a grey mama elephant and her pretty pink baby, is smart, clever, and absolutely adorable. I love the pink polka-dot lining, too!


Sweet and Sassy Wallet

Sweet and Sassy Wallet Price: $17.99 at modcloth.com
What a great way to add a splash of color to an outfit, or to the inside of your handbag. This funky faux-leather wallet can be used as a clutch, and comes in sunny yellow or pretty pink, with loads of little metal studs to add an unexpected (but welcome) punk detail.

Now you know why I have a thing for wallets to match my mild handbag obsession. Aren’t they wonderful? Which of these wallets do you like best, and why?

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i would like to buy the hello kitty wallet................ i want to know more details

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