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Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse ...

By Leiann

There are some things every woman should have in her purse. You are heading out. Do you have your bases covered? Do a thorough check of the following. Most can be bought at the local Dollar Store and you won't regret it. Have a big enough purse and be glad you are prepared for anything with these things every woman should have in her purse.

1 Perfume

Something that a man will remember you by and definitely one of the most important things every woman should have in her purse.

2 Band-Aids

Just in case you get a cut or a snagged nail.

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3 Gum

For fresh breath, especially if you're up close to another person.

4 Drink

Obviously, if you get thirsty, need to take an OTC or want to save money.

5 Hand Sanitizer

You never know where a person's hand has been. If you must shake hands at least you can wash up afterward.

6 Lipstick

For a good touch up in the middle of the day.

7 Cellular Phone

You never know who you will need to call.

8 Spare Pack of Cigarettes and a Lighter

If you smoke, then you know what I am talking about.

9 Aspirin or Ibuprofen

If you are out and about and get a headache, you'll want some relief.

10 Cranberry Tablets

If you are out and about and feel a UTI coming on.

11 Pepto-Bismal

If you get an upset stomach or are queasy, this stuff can be a lifesaver.

12 Coupon Binder

Be prepared ahead of time and have coupons clipped for grocery shopping and saving money.

13 Small Snack

In case you don't want to grocery shop on an empty stomach.

14 Kleenex

In case your nose starts running and you're nowhere near a restroom.

You should get your purse out now and take note of what you need. Also, you just might be helpful to the person who didn't think of these things.

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