The Best Handbag Trends for Spring-Summer 2017 ...

By Sheila

The Best Handbag Trends for Spring-Summer 2017 ...

What is the best kind of arm candy, you ask? In our humble opinion the answer to that is a beautiful, trendy, handbag of course. These are THE must-have bag styles for spring/summer 2017! On your mark, get set, shop....

1 Metal Handles

clothing, fashion, spring, outerwear, coat, Bid adieu to regular handles and say yes to statement metal handles. They are sturdier, edgier and cool AF!
handbag, bag, shoulder bag, leather, fashion accessory,
Price: $1162

2 Teeny Tiny

Okay, these may not be the most practical option for days when you have to lug around a lot of stuff, but how can you not love these cuties?!
bag, handbag, shoulder bag, fashion accessory, coin purse,
Price: $1609

3 Oh-so-quirky

How do you take a relatively safe outfit to the next level? Just throw on a quirky bag et voila! There's just one rule...the quirkier the bag, the better.
bag, yellow, handbag, shoulder bag, leather,

Price: $1570

4 Cinch Bags

If fuss-free and versatile is your style, choose a drawstring aka cinch bag. They are casual, versatile, and super handy when you're running around town.
footwear, red, pink, shoe, maroon,

Price: $262

5 Oversize Bags

Oversize bags will never go out of style because they're just so damn functional and they fit the world inside them!
handbag, bag, brown, tote bag, fashion accessory,

Price: $1071

6 Pop Prints

When I think of summer, I think of bright colors and happy prints and this style certainly fits the bill. LOVE!
handbag, bag, pink, shoulder bag, tote bag,

Price: $2943

7 Metallic Bags

Add a touch of the 80s to your look with a metallic finish bag. These aren't for the faint of heart but they're fabulous!
fashion accessory, shoulder bag, coin purse,

Price: $791

Which of these do you love the most?!

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