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Darlings, I know most of you just love a good bag and with Spring in the air, it's just about time to go on a hunt for a new fabulous handbag to get you through this fab season. If you are thinking designer bag and finance are not an issue - net-a-porter.com would be your best bet. They do a serious curation there and you can be assured, you'll check out with a very trendy item. If you are set on getting a designer bag, yet, not in a position to spend too much no it, yoox.com could be your top choice.

Now, we won't run into a $500 Chanel bag there (and neither should we anywhere else, unless it's a fake or severely worn out number), however, on Yoox.com we'll come across a few respectable brands, like Dolce, Fendi, Mulberry etc. that won't cost us an arm and a leg.

Meanwhile, take a look at the most liked bags of Instagram of the moment and get an idea of what's hot and what style you should be looking for.

Again, when deciding, I personally always go for quality for the money I pay. I always write down the pros and cons of an expensive purchase and then make the right move. If you score a perfect designer bag for less, you'll feel like the smartest fashionista ever every time you put your hadns on it, so let's be smart girls and invest some time into the research by scrolling down:


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