Everyday Handbag Essentials for the Girl Always on the Go ...


Everyday Handbag Essentials for the Girl Always on the Go ...
Everyday Handbag Essentials for the Girl Always on the Go ...

Anyone who's always on the go can totally relate to trying to squeeze in as many things as possible into their handbags - sometimes to the point where everything is overflowing and the zip doesn't even do up! With that said, now might be the perfect time to take a new approach and reconsider your handbag essentials! 👝 👛 👜

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beauty, finger, cosmetics, eye, organ, For girls always going coming and going you're never going to know when will be a late night and/or a sleepless night, so concealer is a handbag essential for you! Get rid of any pesky under eye shadows or bags asap, even if it's in the spare minute you have on the train or bus to work!


Compact Mirror

Vera Wang, fashion accessory, brand, leather, VERA, Every girl needs to keep a compact mirror in her handbag for those quick little touch ups that are much needed - especially if we're always flying out the door in a rush and didn't get time to apply our makeup properly this morning...or any morning!


Nail File

nail, finger, nail care, nail polish, manicure, A nail file is super important for girls who always find their nails breaking, snagging and just being in a general pain! Keep a nail file handy in your handbag so that you can fix up any of these common, daily occurrences to keep your nails looking fab at all the times!


A nail file isn't just for emergencies; regular use can help shape your nails, preventing split ends before they start. Plus, if you're someone who enjoys keeping a polished look with manicures, a nail file can help maintain the shape and finish of your nails between salon visits. It's a tiny tool, but it's mighty in keeping your hands neat and professional-looking. Don't forget to choose one that matches your nail type, whether you prefer a classic emery board or a gentle glass file, tailor your choice to keep your nails in tip-top condition!



photograph, black, clothing, person, photography, Don't worry, we all have those no makeup nails when you really need to be out the door but you just don't have time or can't be bothered putting makeup on. If you don't feel like you're quite ready to brave the world with your fresh, no makeup face, keep a pair of sunnies in your handbag as the perfect alternative!


Hand Cream

Sante Naturkosmetik, coconut, food, produce, breakfast, Since we're basically using our hands all day every day, it's important to keep some hand cream in your handbag to keep your hands hydrated around the clock! After a long, hard day at work we need to give our hands a bit of love, which might mean giving them a quick massage after applying your hand cream in any spare moment you have!


Mini Perfume

perfume, beauty, cosmetics, glass bottle, ESCADA, You know those little mini sized perfumes that you always see in department stores? You might have wondered, like I have, what's the point of using these? But actually they're the perfect size to store in your handbag so you can do a quick spritz to brighten up your day before you head into work!


Hair Accessories

hair, clothing, hairstyle, bridal accessory, brown, Can anyone ever have enough hair accessories in their handbag? I know I can't! My handbag is constantly full of hair clips, bobby pins, black hair ties and those weird looking but surprisingly effective hair doughnuts for achieving a perfect bun every time! All your much needed hair accessories are a must for girls always on the go!


Phone Charger

human positions, sitting, leg, photo shoot, If you haven't heard of them already, now might be the time to pick yourself up one of those great mini portable phone chargers that allow you to do the job without needing an actual plug. Also, there's nothing I love more than to escape from the world for a while - especially when on the bus or train - so don't forget to keep a spare set of headphones handy in your bag as well!

Yay - you're good to go! What essentials do you always have in your handbag? Let us know! 👝 👛 👜

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What about your purse with ur credit card 😱

Hand lotion, lip balm, and I have started carrying my charger recently for when my phone gets into one of it's "mean" moods. 😒

@Bunny Well of course! A purse goes without saying 😏😂

Wetwipes/ tissue . Gum . And all that u mentioned 😊

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