What the inside of Your Handbag Says about You ...


What the inside of Your Handbag Says about You ...
What the inside of Your Handbag Says about You ...

If there is one thing in the world that a girl cannot go without, it’s most likely her handbag! Are you wondering what the inside of your handbag says about you?

It would be fair to say that handbags have gone beyond a simple fashion accessory and have transformed into something much more important and vital in a woman’s life. It can hold everything that you need to function throughout the day and as a result becomes not just a bag, but an imperative lifeline! What is interesting about handbags, is that although nearly every woman in the world owns one, the styles that people love and the things that people put inside them can vary greatly. Here is what the inside of your handbag says about you.

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If your handbag only holds the bare essentials like your phone, wallet, headphones and maybe some sunscreen, then it shows that you are a no-nonsense person who doesn’t need to carry her entire life around with her to have a productive day. You only take what you need because you don’t want to be bogged down by extra hassle and weight! This is one of the coolest answers for what the inside of your handbag says about you.



Basically, if somebody looks in your handbag they will find everything but the kitchen sink, and even the kitchen sink on some days! This shows that you are often running from one thing to another with little time to spare because your time management skills are not quite up to scratch. Also, you tend to work hard and play hard, so it makes sense that you would have everything you need with you for any occasion at all times!


Beauty Products

If your handbag is essentially an oversized makeup bag, then it means that you are the kind of person who is always on the lookout to be topping up your look, always wanting to look your best and put across the best impression. You are confident in your skills and are always complimented on the way that you look, thanks to your trusty makeup filled handbag!


Bomb Site

You know exactly what I mean if this is your handbag - the kind of handbag that contains everything a beauty queen would have, but with the added element of a thick layer of dust because a compact exploded a while ago! You are always busy and on the go, and you simply don’t have time to remove everything that you have collected and clean your bag from the inside out!



If your handbag is filled with things like pens, notebooks, spare keys and baby wipes, then you are definitely the one in your friendship group who is known for being prepared for any situation! There is always something hidden in there that can help you or a friend out in an unexpected time of need.


Constantly Connected

Smartphone, smartwatch, headphones, chargers, tablets, r-readers, flash drives. This is the contents of the handbag of a tech geek who needs to be constantly connected to the web and various social platforms! You never miss a beat when it comes to breaking news because your handbag erupts into a buzzing mess of notifications whenever something big happens!



You are definitely an artistic soul if your handbag is always filled with a camera, sketchbook, pen, and pencil. You are allusive and creative, and you never know when your inspiration might hit, so it makes sense to have everything you need on hand to jot down an idea or take a great picture!

Have you checked what’s in your handbag lately? Don’t you think you should?

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