The Best Handbags to Include in a Capsule Collection ...

By Jasmine

The Best Handbags to Include in a Capsule Collection ...

I'm going to tell you the best handbags to include in a capsule collection. The one accessory that I love more than anything is a handbag. I love every style, color, and brand because they pop any outfit from loose pants and a crop top to a chic dress. In this article, I will discuss the the best handbags to include in a capsule collection.

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What is a Capsule Collection?

I browse Purseforum almost every day and I came across a discussion regarding capsule collections. A capsule collection is a group of essentials that fits your lifestyle perfectly. It can include as few or as many items you would like and you can have a capsule collection for handbags, shoes, jewelry, and even your wardrobe.


What Handbags do I Need?

A handbag collection is one hundred percent subjective because it depends on numerous factors, including the number of items you prefer to carry, your sense of style, and your personal interest level. This article is merely my opinion on the best handbag styles and if you love a bag that is absent from my list, by all means, purchase it. The goal of the capsule collection is to only own items that you will use and enjoy in your life.


What Should I Buy?

I believe that every capsule collection should contain handbags that fit six specific categories: leisure, work, special occasion, runway, shopping, and classic. If you have a collection of handbags that fit these categories then you will use every bag in your closet without fail.


What Brands?

Once again this is completely subjective because some people love designer brands and others don’t have a preference, so the choice is yours. The key is to choose quality over quantity regardless of the label. As long as you can afford it then it really doesn’t matter.


Brand Recommendations?

I will make recommendations based on budget. If you would prefer to spend under $100 for a handbag then I would recommend Target and DSW. Both of these stores offer beautiful clutches and handbags for great prices. If you have a budget of $150 to $500 then Longchamp, Tory Burch, and Rebecca Minkoff. These brands have sales and a good variety of bags available throughout the year. If budget is not much of a concern then you can always consider Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Saint Laurent.

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Your capsule collection is crafted by you and for you only. Just know that you don’t need to spend the most to look your best and you don’t have to hide your love of designer goods either. Always buy the things that you want and enjoy your purchases.

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I have about 5 LV bags but I have many matching accessories to carry with them.

I am 54 years old. I was brought up that to be complete all your accessories must match so I still have to match my wallet to my purse. I will even get a matching key chain and makeup bag and anything else I possibly can. I do not have a lot of handbags.