Legit Reasons Youre Obsessed with Handbags ...

By Carly

Legit  Reasons Youre Obsessed  with Handbags  ...

It’s okay, you’re in a safe space here, you can admit it, you’re obsessed with handbags! Don’t worry, you are not alone. You are in a group of millions of women across the world who couldn’t live without their favourite fashion accessory! The humble handbag isn’t just something that carries your essentials from A to B. Any real addict knows there is so much more to it than that! Here are are some reasons you are obsessed with handbags!

1 Extra Limb

You don’t see your handbag as just a bag - you see it more as an extra limb! You feel almost naked if you don’t have one hanging off your shoulder or your arm, vulnerable and wrong!

2 Holds Your Life

People call you Mary Poppins because you literally carry your entire life around with you in your handbag!

3 Keep Every Single One

Some people grow out of handbags and move on, but not you. You keep every single one and always find a time and place to bring the old favourites back into rotation!

4 Doggy

Admit it, on more than one occasion you have either literally taken your tiny pooch out for a walk in your handbag, or you have definitely dreamed about doing so if you are not currently a pet owner!

5 Investment

You see your collection of designer handbags as an investment. Not only do you get to enjoy the style in the present, but they also might be able to make you some money in the future!

6 Less on Clothes

You find that you spend less on clothes because you would rather be the owner of an amazing handbag than an overall amazing outfit! In your opinion, it is the accessories that define the look anyway.

All hail the handbag!

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