Why You Need to Treat Yourself to a New Handbag ...

By Carly

Why  You Need to Treat Yourself  to a New Handbag ...

There are some people who believe that fashion and accessories should be down to a matter of what you absolutely need and what is absolutely functional. I am absolutely not one of those people! When it comes to retail therapy, there is nothing quite as satisfying as hitting the shops and browsing for a new handbag. They look great, they feel great, they even smell great ... it’s just a matter of making sure that you can come up with a good enough excuse or reason to indulge! Here are a few valid and upstanding reasons why you need to treat yourself to a new handbag!

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1 You Are a Goddess

blond, photo caption, friendship, girl, Oh, hadn’t you heard? You are a certified goddess! And do you know what a goddess absolutely does not have to do? Make excuses for wanting to treat herself to something special, and something that she deserves!

2 Haters Gonna Hate

purple, product, photo caption, You shouldn’t live your life in fear of what other people are going to think of your decisions. If you want a new bag, then buy a new bag, who cares what they think? At the end of the day, you are happy with your new purchase and they are probably just jealous!

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3 Can’t save It All

product, If you spend too much time being strict and not spending any money, then you are going to end up going through life never having spent the cash that you so sensibly saved! You have to find the right balance, and that balance involves buying that beautiful bag!

4 Retail Therapy

girl, product, long hair, It has been proven that retail therapy is a real thing, so when you are feeling down, buying yourself that new bag for the sake of your over mental well being feels like a perfectly acceptable and sensible trade-off!

5 Functional Treat

person, suit, businessperson, official, gentleman, A handbag, at least, is a treat you can give yourself that serves a practical purpose after the initial good feeling of the purchase. It’s not something that lasts two seconds, or something that you eat and disappears, it’s a real thing that is going to help you in life going forward!

6 Celebration

pink, shoulder, product, textile, girl, Think hard, there must be something happening that you can celebrate now! Hit a milestone at the gym? New bag! Promotion at work? New bag! Managed to make it home on the bus without making awkward eye contact with someone? NEW BAG!
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