Why πŸ€” You Need πŸ‘Œ to Treat Yourself πŸ€— to a New Handbag πŸ‘œ ...

There are some people who believe that fashion and accessories should be down to a matter of what you absolutely need and what is absolutely functional. I am absolutely not one of those people! When it comes to retail therapy, there is nothing quite as satisfying as hitting the shops and browsing for a new handbag. They look great, they feel great, they even smell great ... it’s just a matter of making sure that you can come up with a good enough excuse or reason to indulge! Here are a few valid and upstanding reasons why you need to treat yourself to a new handbag!

1. You Are a Goddess

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Oh, hadn’t you heard? You are a certified goddess! And do you know what a goddess absolutely does not have to do? Make excuses for wanting to treat herself to something special, and something that she deserves!

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