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The Must Have Handbags for Fall 2018 ...

By Carly

With summer coming to an end and fall fast approaching, those of us who are fashion and trend conscious are all starting to look to those in the know for the inspiration and direction for this season’s latest looks and accessories. For a woman who is on the go and out of the house a lot, one particular accessory that tends to feel more important than the others has to be your handbag. You might not think that something as versatile as a handbag would need to change from season to season, but it wouldn’t be fashion if you didn’t have to mix things up every few months! Here is a list of some of the must have handbags for fall 2018!

1 Full Pelt

bag, handbag, pink, purple, shoulder,It’s time to get back in touch with your furry side! Full pelt handbags are going to be super in this season, with brands like Chanel, Shrimps and Oscar de la Renta all coming out with svelte and sophisticated purses that show off more texture than previous incarnations. Don’t worry though, if you are ethically conscious there are plenty of faux versions of the trend to keep you happy.

2 Reptilia

handbag, bag, fashion, product, leather,Reptile skin patterns are also going to be a big thing again this season, but not necessarily in authentic colours. To be totally on trend, you are going to want to find a reptilian style bag that compliments your favourite colour scheme. Some brands are even going as far as producing multi-coloured, almost iridescent examples.

3 Boxy

fashion accessory, handbag, bag, product,It might not the sleekest or most practical trend, but it looks like a case of the boxier, the better this fall. Brands like Gucci, Roksanda, and again, Oscar de la Renta, are going all out with almost a miniature suitcase style to their clutches and handbags. I don’t know about you, but they give me a chic school lunch box vibe!

4 Around the Neck

clothing, footwear, jeans, denim, shoulder,This won’t be a trend for those of you who like to carry around most of their worldly possessions, but smaller clutch type bags to be worn around the neck are going to be huge this fall. Marc Jacobs in particular is leading the charge on this look, with Emporio Armani following close behind!

5 Thick Chains

footwear, yellow, shoe, leg, joint,It’s not just about the bag itself this fall, it’s also about the chain! In 2018, the motto is the thicker the better, so the more cumbersome, heavy, and ornate your bag chain looks, the more on trend you are going to be!

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