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8 Chic Stylish Handbags for the Spring ...

By Heather

Handbags for Spring are out ladies! Spring is right around the corner and I gotta say, I am so, so excited! I am sick of the cold, the snow and the lack of springtime colors! With that in mind, I decided to come up with the top 8 chic, stylish, fashionable and awesome handbags for spring so you'll be ready when the spring hits! So, let's get to the top handbags for spring shall we?

1 Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Tote Bag

Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Tote BagPrice: $188.00 at
Juicy Couture is one of those labels that I love. I think that they are so chic, totally fashionable and this brand has some of the top handbags for spring that I've ever seen! Take this pinky little bag with some highlights of black. It's so beautiful, so spring and so awesome for any occasion!

2 Hot Pink Flower Print Kisslock Satchel Handbag

Hot Pink Flower Print Kisslock Satchel HandbagPrice: $39.99 at
If you are looking for a handbag that is going to be super stylish, totally floral and ideal for any springtime activity, this is the one! This pinky, floral little handbag is cute, I just want to bring it everywhere! It might not be designer, but it's still uber cute!

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3 Guess Sundance Small Shopper Handbag Purse, Turquoise

Guess Sundance Small Shopper Handbag Purse, TurquoisePrice: $115.00 at
One of the biggest trends this spring is that snakeskin look in so many different colors. I have a pink one, but this blue Guess handbag? It screams springtime! This is one of the few handbags for spring I think that I am actually going to splurge on before springtime hits!

4 Couture Consultant Bag

Couture Consultant BagPrice: $69.99 at
I actually think that this is such a cute little handbag. Not only does it go with everything in the world, but the chain around the handle, the cute zipper pockets and the smallness of it, makes this the ideal date purse! What do you think ladies? It's got a polka dot interior to it!

5 Eggplant for Every Occasion Bag

Eggplant for Every Occasion BagPrice: $57.99 at
You might think that spring is all about light and bright colors, but truthfully, eggplant is the next springtime color! This beautiful handbag would make the perfect purse for the office or even to go with that little black dress you've been dying to wear! It's the perfect color and it's totally big enough to fit your life into!

6 Earthen Rose Bag

Earthen Rose BagPrice: $79.99 at
I think that rose is such a pretty, pretty color and this bag? The style? It's perfect! Not only can you throw it onto your shoulder, but it also has handles if you are a handle girl! It's the perfect bag for any girl and any type and it's the ideal spring handbag!

Donna love this bag...

7 Blueberry Juice Bag

Blueberry Juice BagPrice: $72.99 at
If you like that rose bag above, you're going to LOVE this blueberry bag! It's not actually the color of deep, dark blueberries, but I love the shade of blue it is. It has an awesome lining inside, tons of pockets and would look great with any outfit you put it with!

8 Cute 3D Flower Floral Animal Plaid Print Purse Hot Pink Black

Cute 3D Flower Floral Animal Plaid Print Purse Hot Pink BlackPrice: $32.99 at
Finally ladies, if you were looking for a pop of pink with a bit of a floral look to it, this is the perfect spring handbag for you! It's pink, plaid and got some flowers to it! I love it, it's cute, stylish and totally chic!

Finding the right handbags for spring shouldn't be hard, they are everywhere! So ladies, what are some of your favorite handbags for spring? Did I list some of your favs? Give 'em up!

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