Girl's Guide to Rocking a Designer Bag without the Cost for Girls on a Budget ...

By Alicia

Girl's Guide to Rocking  a Designer Bag without the Cost for Girls on a Budget ...

I love designer bags. As in I feel passionate about them and love when I find the right one for me. But I don’t love the prices and you probably don’t, either. Here’re some ways you can get the bag you love for half the price.

1 Visit an Outlet Store

Visit an Outlet Store Outlet stores are too good to pass up. You can get the merchandise you love for a fraction of the price. You want to be careful to look over any purse you choose to be sure there’re no irregularities that stand out. Some irregularities are in an inconspicuous place that don’t matter and give you a steal of a deal. If you don’t have an outlet store close to where you live then check to see if there’re any at your vacation destination. Many popular tourist spots have an outlet mall close by.

2 Sign up for Emails

Sign up for Emails If you haven’t signed up for emails from your favorite designer brands then you’re missing out. Many sales aren’t advertised widely. However, if you get their email, you get the inside scoop. Also, you can get promo codes to save even more if you’re signed up for emails. Another benefit of receiving emails from your favorite designer brands is that you usually see the latest bags first.

3 Shop Ebay

Shop Ebay It’s true that there’re a few sellers out there that try to sell unauthentic bags but that’s a small minority. I’ve bought brand new designer purses on ebay for a low price and feel very sure it was the real deal. Do your research before you make a purchase by checking out the merchandise closely and reading up on seller feedback. Sometimes a person will buy a bag then decide it’s not for them and sell it deeply discounted when it’s brand new or barely used.

4 Scope out Yard Sales

Scope out Yard Sales I love a good yard sale! While I enjoy shopping at my favorite stores, I still love the great stuff you can get at a yard sale, including designer bags. It could be slightly used but no one would know it but you. Of course all yard sales are not created equal. Read the ads to see where the ones with quality items will be.

5 Buy from a Friend

Buy from a Friend If you have a friend that has a bag that you admire, let them know you’re interested in it. Many women only carry a purse for one season and after that, they’re done with it. They’ve got their eye on another and selling their current one makes the cost of a new one significantly less. Another completely cost-free idea is to trade bags with a friend. This costs you nothing and gives each of you a new bag to carry.

6 Watch for Sales

Watch for Sales I’m going to spill a secret to you but let’s keep it between us, okay? 😉 I got the designer bag I’m carrying at an amazing sale. In fact, it was marked down 63% meaning I only paid 37% of the original price! That’s way better than half! And it wasn’t the only bag with that deep of a discount so be alert for sales from your favorite designer.

7 Consider Working for a Discount

Consider Working for a Discount This won’t work for everyone but it may for some. If you’re devoted to one certain brand then consider working for them. Not only will you get a discount but you’ll be the first to know about sales and have your pick first, before sales go public. You’ll always carry an amazing bag and can get other great merchandise by that brand. This tip can apply to other companies besides those that design purses, too.

These tips can help you to get the designer bag you love for half the price. What’s your favorite designer purse brand? Share about the deals you’ve found!

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don't buy bags on ebay or from anywhere that isn't a licensed re-seller of whatever particular brand... if a deal seems too good to be true, it is.

Stay away from eBay that's for sure but Amazon is fantastic

The last place you want to look for a designer bag is on eBay or Amazon. Stay safe everyone and safe shopping.

a Ross store by my house has great bags

It's not easy to work for them!

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