Streetstyle Ways to Carry around a Box Bag ...


Streetstyle Ways to Carry around a Box Bag ...
Streetstyle Ways to Carry around a Box Bag ...

If there's anything more fun than getting a great new bag, I don't know what it is. Box bags are having their moment right now and that's great because there are loads of outfits that you can pair one with and look fabulous. Got a box bag and don't know what to do with it? Check out these lovely looking ideas for all the inspiration you need.

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With Capris and Heels

With Capris and Heels This look is perfect for casual day at the office.


Matched with Your Top

Matched with Your Top The white of her tank top really pops when combined with the white of her box bag.


All Black

All Black All black is a look you can never mess up.


With Other Neutrals

With Other Neutrals This black box bag couldn't look better than it does with the brown jacket and black pants.


Go with a Bold, Bright Color

Go with a Bold, Bright Color What outfit would you pair this awesome pink bag with?


Perfect with Tall Boots

Perfect with Tall Boots You have to admit that that box bag looks just about perfect with the boots.


Totally Casual

Totally Casual A box bag adds just the right touch of personality to this look.


Matched with a Hat

Matched with a Hat A box bag is the perfect thing to pair with an adorable hat like this one.


Perfect for Work

Perfect for Work This outfit is a great look for wearing to work.


Nothing Wrong with Big and Pink

Nothing Wrong with Big and Pink Need more space? A box bag is still a great option because they come in all sizes.


Don't Be Afraid of Color

Don't Be Afraid of Color Just because your bag is turquoise doesn't mean you can't wear it with a yellow dress and purple shoes.


Even for a Workout

Even for a Workout Maybe she's going to the gym. Maybe not. Either way, that bag looks fabulous.


Big Bag with a Short Skirt

Big Bag with a Short Skirt The bag helps balance out the short skirt and tall boots.


Go Retro

Go Retro Isn't this a cute look?


With Your Favorite Denim

With Your Favorite Denim Denim is the perfect backdrop for just about any box bag.


Clutch Style

Clutch Style Every girl needs at least one clutch style box bag.


Light Purse, Dark Outfit

Light Purse, Dark Outfit The light colored bag brightens this outfit up just right.


Utter Sophistication

Utter Sophistication There's nothing about this outfit that could get any better than it already is.


Tiny for Just the Essentials

Tiny for Just the Essentials This bag might be tiny, but it's still perfect.


How about That Color?

How about That Color? Does your closet need a purple box bag? Mine certainly does!


Try a Fun Print

Try a Fun Print A printed box bag is the perfect addition to any girl's closet.

Which look is your favorite? Will you be copying it today?

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Very nice

Yes I completely agree with you Eliza every girl must own . This is box bag is perfect for me! It's SO spacious I can fit so much stuff and even stuff for mybaby boy

Those days where I don't wanna carry around his bag I just toss some essentials in mine . I love it I love it I love it two thumbs up👍👍

To start with I didn't care for the styles till after 14. Love #19

I like #13

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