8 of the Best Bag Trends Right Now ...


8 of the Best Bag Trends Right Now ...
8 of the Best Bag Trends Right Now ...

The best bag trends right now come in all different shapes and sizes. Currently we’re seeing trends for compact clutch bags, transparent finishes, and two tone details. Updating your new season outfit can be as simple as adding a trendy new bag to your look. Take a look at a few of the best bag trends right now.

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Chain Straps

Chain Straps One of the best bag trends right now is for chain straps on handbags. The look is a little bit Chanel-inspired but comes in all different forms. Classic, metal chain straps are perfect for working a polished look. Bigger, chunkier, and more colourful chain details are also popular, which is perfect if you want to work a more modern look with this trend.


Simple Totes

Simple Totes This season’s totes are cool and casual. They’re unstructured, but not slouchy, and are best carried by hand. Unstructured totes are perfect for carrying while going around your day to day business and they come in all different sizes and styles. Simply choose one that best suits your needs. Carry them by their top handles or make like the runway models and carry your totes like clutches.


Zip-up Pouches

Zip-up Pouches Simple, zip-up pouches are another big bag trend for right now. Part of their popularity might be their minimalist, fuss-free design. Choose one in a colour that suits your mood or style, from soft pastels to high-shine metallics. Whether you prefer large or small sizes, a zip-up pouch is a chic way of sporting your essentials this season.


Two Tone Details

Two Tone Details Two tone bags are really big right now. They’ve been spotted on the runways and in many designer collections. From simple monochrome bags to bright and bold designs, the two tone bag can be worn to suit a range of different looks. Right now the trend is for more subdued colours. Since two tone designs can be quite busy, stick to handbags in classic and fuss-free shapes.


Novelty Bags

Novelty Bags Keep an eye out for bags in unusual shapes and interesting designs. From book-shaped box clutches to fruit-shaped pouch bags, designers are having a field day with novelty bags right now. Adding a novelty bag to your outfit will add a sense of quirkiness to your overall look.


Mini Bags

Mini Bags Bags are shrinking in size, if the current trends are anything to go by. Right now miniature sized bags are a popular choice for many designers. These mini bags come in all different shapes and styles and can be worn on the wrist, over the shoulder, or across the body.


Transparent Bags

Transparent Bags Transparent bags and clutches are all the rage right now. While it might not be the most practical trend, it sure looks stylish. Whether it’s a crystal clear clutch or a coloured transparent bag, just make sure your bags are see through this season.


Woven Bags

Woven Bags Woven bags are another big trend right now. From summery raffia bags to cool and contemporary leather clutches, there are plenty of different angles you could work with a woven bag. Natural or coloured raffia bags are perfect for putting together a fun look like those by Dolce & Gabbana, while woven leather-look bags can appear much more polished.

There are plenty of different bag trends to love right now. These are just some popular bag trends we’ve spotted on and off the runways. What bag trends are you loving right now?

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What's the point of a see through bag?

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Anybody know where I can get my hands on a bag with a chain strap?! I saw a picture of a juicy couture one a while ago, but I could never find the name of it any help? Thanks!

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