8 Brand Name Bags on Sale Now ...


8 Brand Name Bags on Sale Now ...
8 Brand Name Bags on Sale Now ...

Fabulous winter sales are almost over but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a brand new bag to wear in this brand new year. Consider it a late Valentine’s gift or give yourself something for the upcoming Woman’s Day, for a change. Luckily, at Asos, sales last all year round! So, these are the models I’m totally into these days:

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French Connection over Body Bag

French Connection over Body Bag Price: $35.86 at asos.com
Call me fashion sense deprived, slow or whatever you want but I’ve discovered the wonders of this particular shade of blue quite recently. And I’m loving it, so excuse me for not wanting to declare it passé! This bag totally deserves the first place because of its cute vintage style so, in case blue isn’t your favorite color you can get it in green or black too. I’m sticking with the blue one and I have the perfect shoes to match!


Killah Gomez Star Print Bag

Killah Gomez Star Print Bag Price: $30.48 at asos.com
LOL! Blue again! This little baby is actually on its way to my address and I can’t wait to have it in my hands. Well, it’s for my sister, actually, but never mind, she’ll have to share it a little bit because she owes me big time. I like Killah’s urban style and I think this brand is just perfect for girls that want to have great accessories without having to spend a fortune on them. Killah is something like Miss Sixty’s younger sister, don’t you think?


Juicy Couture Power Tote

Juicy Couture Power Tote Price: $68.13 at asos.com
Go totes! Go juicy! This is definitely a must have item for every spring and summer season so, if you failed to get one last year, I’m definitely suggesting you get it right now and save before the season starts and the prices skyrocket. Think about it – it’s big, casual and yet looks great on anything. What do you have to lose? Except this 70 bucks, I mean…


Asos Premium Multi Gem Box Clutch

Asos Premium Multi Gem Box Clutch Price: $26.90 at asos.com
You want a flashy item to break those monotonous single-colored outfits? Well, there you have it. What could be flashier than this? And yet, flashy is just what a girl needs sometimes. I mean, what do you do when you’re too bored to match colors and experiment? Just pick up your “livesaver” outfit and rely on your accessories to do the rest. Right?


Mango Giovanna Slouchy Hobo Bag

Mango Giovanna Slouchy Hobo Bag Price: $41.24 at asos.com
Oh, don’t tell me you don’t have a big, brown slouchy bag? Well, maybe you’re not obsessed with brown as I am – can’t blame you, it’s not really a popular color these days. Although I have to admit it looks damn cool on both tanned and pale skin because it’s lighter than black and easier to wear in winter than white. So, there you go, if you have a pair of brown shoes or sandals or simply want a brown bag and you happen to be living in the UK, go for it. I can’t… not available outside UK, unfortunately!


French Connection White Clutch

French Connection White Clutch Price: $39.45 at asos.com
Let’s move on to the isle number six where you’ll see the queen of all summer outfits – simple and yet oh-so-glam, her majesty, the white clutch bag. Love these studs and the fact that it looks like an oversized wallet. Not being able to squeeze a wallet inside the itsy-bitsy clutch bothers me the most because I either keep losing money or I end up checking if it’s still there every time I need to get something out of the bag. This clutch, in the other hand, has this cool wallet-like interior so you can have your itsy bitsy cake and eat it too. Perfect and budget friendly!


Diesel Washed Bag

Diesel Washed Bag Price: $107.58 at asos.com
Don’t you just love the way Diesel brands plays with used look, making it actually appear cool? I’m kind of nitpick so used look is definitely out of the question, however, this bag is an exception! It does look retro but in a good way, not that i-borrowed-it-from-my-mom-who-used-to-wear-it-as-a-teen look. You know what I’m saying? Plus, the color is very neutral so you’ll always find your own way to make it work.


Nine West Rocking out Bag

Nine West Rocking out Bag Price: $68.13 at asos.com
How many reasons you need to get a new black bag? Especially when it comes to Nine West- they really have some amazing models of both shoes and bags. But why particularly this one? Well, I like the chain details, their kind of give it a different effect. And I thought there is no way to make a regular black bag appear any different.

But, tell me girls, how do you like these and is there anyone you would especially like to have in your collection?

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