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Let's be honest: we can all benefit from some help for choosing the perfect handbag. Not only is a purse the best accessory to have, but it is also a necessity. If you are anything like me, you carry your life around day to day in your poor old purse, the one that you have had for years. If this sounds like you, it could be time to purchase a new go-to handbag to throw on with any outfit, and my tips for choosing the perfect handbag will come in handy.

1. Don’t Go Trendy

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If your budget is smaller, don't go out and buy the latest cheetah print purse you found at the most hip store. This will get tacky soon and be out of trend before you know it. Make sure you put thought into the bag you want to carry day in and out. Just because everyone is carrying that hot new purse, does not mean you should carry it as well. In fact, it should make you want to buy something else. Try to buy a purse that is different from the next girl, so when choosing the perfect handbag, get one that you won't get sick of in a couple months.

2. Don't Cheap out

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I know it's hard to go out and spend a good amount on clothing sometimes, but remember that this is something you will need to use everyday. If you purchase a bag for only $20, you will ultimately get a bag that has the material, shape and look of a cheap purse. Now if you can spend even just a little bit more, you can actually find a bag that is either real leather or just simply a better quality. If you have the budget to spend a couple a hundred on the bag, then you know you will be getting a quality purse that you can have for the rest of your life. And you can pack lots into it as you know the straps won't be snapping anytime soon!

3. Be Mindful of the Season

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Each season comes with different colors and designs. If you are looking for a bag in winter, don't go out and buy a bright color as it will just look strange. Winter colors should be a bit darker and warmer to match the season. Don't cling to your bright colored bag that has nautical stripes and use it all year round. This is just simply not a good look! A winter coat and a beach bag are not cute together - AT ALL! Also, keep in mind that when you are changing your handbag out for the season, place them is a breathable dust bag for protection. This will help when the seasons change and you won't have to buy a new bag!

4. Think Practical

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Think lifestyle as well and make your handbag practical. For example, if you have kids, a very expensive and maybe even vintage handbag may not be your best choice! If you don't have a huge budget, make sure you are buying something that can take you through each day and go with every outfit. Therefore, if you are looking for practicality, don't go out and buy a bright orange bag. Pick up a color that can transition easily like blacks or browns.

5. Matching Your Closet

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If you know that you're wardrobe can take a bright orange bag, then do so! I suggest that if you have a very colorful wardrobe, then going for a black bag is a good option. This way it will go with every color you choose to throw on and can transition from day to night. Whatever your closet color may be, just make sure you are matching your choice with your clothing (and season, remember)!

6. Shape of Your Body

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First off, you should ALWAYS choose a handbag that is opposite your body type. If you are tall and lean, try to get a bag that is slouchy and bigger. If you are petite, a huge bag will swallow you, so make sure to get a bag that is smaller with some shape to it. Keep in mind the scale; small bags work best for petite women. If you are plus size, a tiny bag will look strange against your figure. Go for handbags of reasonable size. Having the wrong handbag can make you look bigger and can also draw attention to areas you may not want people to see.

7. Take Your Time

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I know that with myself, when I want something, I will go and buy the first thing that somewhat resembles what I want. This is not always best. Make sure to give yourself some time and go into each store to try on the different shapes and sizes. There are so many options out, try not to get tempted by something you know you don't absolutely love. Even if it takes you weeks to find the perfect fit and color, you want to make sure that you are investing in a piece you can use for a long time. The worst feeling is buyer's remorse!

Now that you've head my handbag shopping trips, I hope you'll find the right bag for you! Which of these tips surprised you, and which do you think you'll find most helpful, and why?

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