7 Amazing Handbag Organizing Tips to Stop It from Looking like a Warzone ...

By Kati

7 Amazing Handbag Organizing Tips to Stop It from Looking like a Warzone ...

I am ALWAYS reading handbag organizing tips. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, my handbag always looks like it’s about to explode. It’s always absolutely packed full, and even if I trade up for a bigger size, I soon fill it. So how do you organize a bag so that it’s usable without leaving all your stuff at home? I’ve been quizzing people on their best handbag organizing tips, and these are the ones I’ve found most useful so far...

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1 Empty It out…

Yep, all of it. Okay, so it sounds stupid, but when was the last time you literally took everything out of your bag? You’ll be storing a lot more in there than you think. Make de-junking easier by getting rid of all the rubbish that quickly takes up a lot of room but feels small first. I’m talking about expired coupons, receipts, any half-eaten food, gum wrappers, parking reminders. Throw them all away. Make sure you check all the pockets and folds, too. You never know what useless or old things you might be carrying around! As handbag organizing tips go, this one was super popular.

2 Don’t Pack for Emergencies…

Yes, it sounds crazy. You really don’t need a plan for every eventuality, though. While it’s quite possible that your emergency screwdriver may prove useful one day, you’ll probably have carried it to work and back for five years before then. Take out anything that you really are not likely to need. For things you may need, like an umbrella or hand cream, buy the smallest, most lightweight version that you can find.

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3 Multi-Bag…

Do you use more than one bag? It’s a growing trend – taking another handbag to put work things or gym clothes in, for example. Nothing lives in the second bag, but it helps you to distribute weight and keep your spine healthy, and it’ll keep your handbag tidy, too. If you can’t get the hang of that, try using smaller bags inside your handbag, Sort pens into sandwich bags, for example, and put work notebooks down the left side of your bag. Then switch your handbag side every so often, to prevent injuries such as migraines, muscle spasms and decreased circulation.

4 Go Substance over Style…

Can’t get your bag right? It might be time to change it. Your ideal bag should be light when it’s empty – that’s really important. If it’s already heavy, it’ll be a nuisance when you need to carry a lot around, and it won’t be good for you. Avoid anything with excessive hardware, regardless of how pretty it is! Then watch the space carefully. Generally, handbags with wide bottoms and narrow tops are bad news, because a lot of space is lost. Center compartments that halve space are also a bit rubbish. A bag with plenty of pockets and compartments that meet your sorting style is ideal, and a wipe-clean lining is a dream come true. You just know you’ll get biro on it somehow.

5 Know Your Nemesis…

Think about what drives you mad about the bags you already own. Are they too heavy? Are the straps too short? Does your folder fit properly? Does your phone get lost? Try to get a bag that fixes the most annoying problems. If you can do that, you are much more likely to use the bag properly, and therefore it’ll stay organized.

6 Get an Organiser…

I was totally amazed by how many people use purse organisers. eBay and Etsy are packed with cute organisers in just about every size and color, and they can hold everything from pens to money and make-up. You can easily switch them from bag to bag, and they are effortless to find and keep organized. Some can even be machine washed, so they are easy to keep clean. Find one that you love, and use it religiously.

7 Check and Modify…

The best handbag organizing tips? Rinse and repeat. Re-empty your bag, get rid of rubbish, sort things into purse sorters, and check that your bag meets your needs. If you notice your bag is getting out of control, note down what it is that is filling it up.

These handbag organizing tips didn’t feel like much at first, but they have totally revolutionized my handbag. I can always find what I am looking for now, and I’m not afraid that I’ll lose everything if it’s not on a flat surface when I touch the zip. There’s even enough room for me to fit my lunch in there. Amazing. Have you got a great handbag organizing tip? Let me know!

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I do it several times a week and switch bags often. I have a basket for 'handbag contents' and only carry what's needed

Another tip: once yr bag is empty, use the wand attachment on your vacuum to clean out the dirt, esp in the corners.

Half eaten food????? OMG, who does that?! I empty my bag just about every day. Who wants to lug all that useless junk around? Not me!

What is Biro????

Well this helped a bunch! Now my school bag will be a lot more organised and easier to find what I'm looking for

Thanks for the tips! They've come in handy. My bag is a little less messy now. :)

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