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Weekend bags are an essential part of any traveling woman's arsenal. Unless you want to pay over the odds for luggage, using a large bag is essential when using budget airlines. Mastering the art of using weekend bags only also makes travel easier. Here are seven I would consider using when moving from place-to-place.

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Nike Brasilia Holdall

Nike Brasilia Holdall The Nike Brasilia Holdall is one of those weekend bags that really caters to women who need the absolute basics. If you are a backpacker at heart, this bag allows you to bridge the gap between backpacking and holdalls. It’ll keep water out, which is essential if you want to go anywhere that experiences monsoons. The spacious inner compartment helps you pack away all the essentials, and then some. Finally, the shoulder pad makes lugging it around comfortable.


Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Adrian Duffle Bag

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Adrian Duffle Bag Okay, so you really will need to master minimalist packing to get as much as you can out of this one, or should that be in this one! True to form, Vivienne Westwood has pulled off a design that is slightly kooky, but also bearable. I love the little anchor that curves around it, and the use of coral! There are extra internal pockets. Make the most of them, especially if you want to keep your delicates separate from everything else.


Herschel Novel Holdall

Herschel Novel Holdall Who says mountaineering equipment needs to be boring? Not Herschel, that’s for sure! Herschel have produced their Novel Holdall in a couple of colors, but burgundy is my personal favorite. It is durable, but doesn’t abandon style in any way at all. There are extra side pockets too, making it incredibly versatile.


Patchwork Luggage Bag from Topshop

Patchwork Luggage Bag from Topshop This Patchwork Luggage Bag from Topshop will leave you looking as though you have trotted the globe, before you have even set off! It is probably one of the roomiest weekend bags I have come across. To me, the only major downside is that you cannot adjust the straps. If you overfill it, it sort of bulges out next to your body while you’re lugging it around. That shouldn’t be a problem once you arrive at your destination, though!


Deux Lux Baha Weekender

Deux Lux Baha Weekender I love any weekend bag that has a beachy feel. To me, this Baha Weekender from Deux Lux pulls that feel off just nicely! It has cute nautical stripes, and a sort of rustic overall tone. Again, I am loving the whole use of coral! If you are heading for sunny shores, this one will look perfect at the beach.


Jonathan Adler Are We There Yet

Jonathan Adler Are We There Yet The little slogan on this will have parents everywhere reminiscing about not-so-fun car journeys. It is bright, which means you’re not going to lose it any time soon. Even better, it comes with a separate toiletries bag! If you are traveling via plane and want to avoid lotion explosion, this is most definitely a good thing. Again, the short straps irritate me a little. That doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy, though.


Stela 9 Vida Weekender

Stela 9 Vida Weekender Maybe I have been watching Mr Selfridge a little too much, because I am seriously starting to fall in love with early 20th century patterns. The patterns on this Vida Weekender from Stela slightly post-dates the Mr Selfridge era, however, I still have a lot of love for the overall feel. It is extra durable and comes with long straps too, which means I am seriously considering buying this one for myself.

Weekend bags are an essential part of your wardrobe if you want to make traveling easier. They come in handy when you go to visit your parents for a weekend, during a short vacation, or even during a long vacation if you are an absolute minimalist. Choosing a great one makes life easier, as it won’t wear out quickly. If you have a precious weekend bag, what is it?

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