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Whether you’re planning a quick weekend flight or a road trip, there’s surprisingly a lot of thought that goes into finding good carry on bags. You need something that holds a lot, yet looks small to fit the regulations. You need something that’s versatile and won’t get in the way when you’re trying to run across the airport to your connecting flight. There’s a specific science to carry on bags. In my opinion, your carry on bag could make or break your travel.

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The Sophisticated Duffle Bag

The Sophisticated Duffle Bag If you’re not planning to trek across the people movers to your connecting flight in record time, a simple, sophisticated duffle bag is a good way to go. Gone are the days of your favorite Adidas duffle bag. Ditch your Adidas bag and try out its sophisticated older sibling instead. It's like growing up without really growing up. If you don’t have a long walk or run ahead of you, stick with one of everyone’s favorite carry on bags, the duffle bag.


The Duffle with Wheels

The Duffle with Wheels I truly believe that the duffle bag with wheels is revolutionary. It’s a duffle bag, until your shoulder feels like it’s about to fall off, and suddenly it can become a rolling suitcase. Plus, It doesn’t take up nearly the amount of room that an average rolling carry on bag would. It’s perfect for your quick travel plans!


The hybrid design of the duffle with wheels is truly a game-changer for the savvy traveler who craves flexibility. As you navigate through bustling city streets or airport terminals, the ease of transitioning from a handheld duffle to a wheeled companion is a godsend. What's more, it's designed to fit comfortably in overhead compartments, making it a versatile travel buddy that combines the best of both worlds – the casual appeal of a duffle bag with the practicality of wheeled luggage.


The 8-Wheeler

The 8-Wheeler Another revolutionary carry on bag, the suitcase with four wheels is the perfect travel accessory. Sure, at the beginning we may have mocked the people rolling their eight-wheeled suitcases around the airport, but now we’re all pretty envious. Somehow, those extra wheels make these bags so much more versatile. It’s magic.


The Oversized Tote Bag

The Oversized Tote Bag I recently saw oversized tote bags in the luggage section of my local T.J. Maxx and was pretty confused. Who wants to trek across an airport with an oversized tote bag slung over their shoulder? Wouldn’t that get uncomfortable? Then, I realized that they’re the perfect accessories for a road trip. Sure, you can’t run across an airport with one slung over your shoulder, but you can throw one in your trunk on your next road trip! They hold a lot, and are small enough not to take up too much room.


The Rolling Tote Bag

The Rolling Tote Bag The rolling tote bag, like the rolling duffle bag, is pretty revolutionary. I hope that whoever came up with all of these carry on hybrids is very, very rich. It looks like a tote bag. It takes up the same amount of room as a tote bag. Yet, when you’re hurrying or your shoulder simply hurts, it transforms into a rolling bag. It’s a dream.


The genius of the rolling tote bag is in its dual functionality. It combines the ease of a wheeled suitcase with the casual style of a tote. Perfect for fashion-conscious travelers who need versatility on-the-go. You can breeze through airports and city streets without sacrificing style for comfort. And let's not forget the variety of designs - from sleek, professional looks to whimsical patterns that showcase personality. It's the ultimate travel companion for those who play by their own rules and still want the convenience of traditional luggage. No more choosing between comfort and fashion - the rolling tote is here to save the day.


The Rolling Garment Bag

The Rolling Garment Bag Garment bags are bulky and annoying. There’s no getting around it. It’s hard to remedy the problem, since garment bags are necessary for important events, like weddings or other big parties. However, a rolling garment bag can help fix that. It looks like your average rolling carry on bag, but unfolds into a garment bag. It’s perfect for the next big event you have to fly out to!


The Simple Backpack

The Simple Backpack Sometimes, all you need for your quick weekend trip is a good backpack. Depending on the size of your backpack, you can usually fit a pretty good amount of your things, and they’re incredibly versatile. Personally, I’m the queen of over-packing, so if you can get away with packing everything you need for a trip in a backpack, I am eternally jealous. Seriously, you’re amazing.

What’s your go-to carry on bag? Do you use any of these? I personally feel compelled to try all of these carry on bags now. Will you try any of these out during your next trip?

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I carry a bag just like that!! For high school :p !! I want to school to end!! :(

That's what I love about you guys... I now have reasons to travel and buy new bags!

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