7 Stylish Wallets to Stash Your Cash in ...

I’ve been on the hunt for a wallet for quite some time and I don’t know about you, but I like to carry stylish wallets in my handbags. They don’t necessarily have to be coordinated with my handbag, but they should at least look good, be functional and I should be able to find what I need easily when purchasing something! With so many designers making similar versions of wallets, and ones that can accommodate your Smartphone, it’s hard to know which one to buy. Hopefully this will be your starting guide when you're on the hunt for stylish wallets and you'll find one that matches your budget too. I know I'd rather keep money in my wallet than spend loads of money on a wallet!

1. Fossil ‘Sydney’ Zip Clutch Wallet

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This tops my list for being one of the most stylish wallets, simply because of the beautiful color schemes they come in. Fossil has cool color block varieties, metallic shades like the one pictured above as well as patterned styles (dots and the like). One of these wallets would make a perfect gift because the color schemes look like they would go with anything and they seem functional too. They're great for carrying your ID, credit cards, Smartphone device and cash (there’s a zip change pocket on the back). Prices range from $55 to $70 in Fossil stores and online, as well as at most department stores.

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