7 Features to Look for in a Stylish Work Bag ...

Don't be bland and boring, head into the office with a stylish work bag. I spent days looking for the right bag to carry into work each morning. It had to be something that made my life easier while still reflecting my own personal style. I made a simple checklist of features in order to find the stylish work bag of my dreams. Trust me, I couldn't be happier with the results.

1. Ample Room

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A stylish work bag needs to be roomy. It doesn't have to be a duffel bag, but you're going to be storing makeup, electronics, food, books, clothing and who knows what else. I tried using a cute little number and ended up always having to pull half of my stuff out just to find one thing. Not to mention, it always looked like it was busting at the seams. The added room makes it easy to find things quickly and it actually looks better on you.

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