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Don't be bland and boring, head into the office with a stylish work bag. I spent days looking for the right bag to carry into work each morning. It had to be something that made my life easier while still reflecting my own personal style. I made a simple checklist of features in order to find the stylish work bag of my dreams. Trust me, I couldn't be happier with the results.

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Ample Room

Ample Room A stylish work bag needs to be roomy. It doesn't have to be a duffel bag, but you're going to be storing makeup, electronics, food, books, clothing and who knows what else. I tried using a cute little number and ended up always having to pull half of my stuff out just to find one thing. Not to mention, it always looked like it was busting at the seams. The added room makes it easy to find things quickly and it actually looks better on you.



Organization I hate bags with too few pockets and slots. I don't want to spend forever digging through my bag like I'm digging for a prize in the cereal box. I want to reach in, grab what I need and go on with my day. My favorite work bag has a built-in organizer with different sized compartments along with several zippered pockets around the outside. If you like to switch bags often, buy one that has at least one large section that you can insert an organizer in. It's a major time saver, especially during hectic work days.



Customizable I looked for a bag I could easily customize. Mine has a removable, adjustable strap and a handle. It also has a front panel that lets me change the color to better match my style. It came with three different colors that drastically change what the bag looks like without the need to switch bags for different outfits. Bags that are customizable are perfect for work and you don't have to sacrifice features for style.


Matches Everything

Matches Everything You never know what type of outfit you'll wear. I actually wanted a bright blue bag to start with and then realized it wouldn't match half of my shirts. Stylish doesn't mean neon colors or wild patterns. Look for more neutral colors, such as beige, brown or black, and understated patterns. The bag will have a classic look and match pretty much everything you own.


Doubles as Carry-on

Doubles as Carry-on While I didn't have to worry about this one, I noticed quite a few bags that were designed specifically to double as carry-ons for those who travel often for work. These offered some of the best organization I had ever seen. If you get something that works as a carry-on, it's easy to throw in a few extra items and be on your way. If it's just an overnight trip, these slightly larger bags are perfect for carrying a change of clothes in a vacuum bag along with a pair of flats.



Comfortable I wasn't about to sacrifice comfort just to look stylish. Luckily, I didn't have to compromise. I chose a bag that was slightly padded to prevent anything from poking me. I also made sure to get a bag with wider strap that was thicker than your average purse. Since I'd likely be carrying more weight, I wanted something that wouldn't cut into my shoulder. Put something heavy in the bags you try out to make sure it's comfortable.


Safe for Devices

Safe for Devices If you're like me, you'll probably be carrying your work devices in your bag. I have a laptop, smartphone and tablet in mine. The bag is a mix between messenger and a large purse. It has two padded slots that keep my tablet and laptop from getting damaged easily. Take your largest device with you to make sure it'll fit and be protected. If you don't carry these things, you should still look for a bag that has a separate pocket to protect documents in case you need to carry files home with you.

Take your time when shopping for a stylish work bag. I always get compliments on mine and people are always shocked at how functional it truly is. Look for something that reflects your style and easily stores everything you need. What are some of your favorite work bags?

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Truly amazing @ Jacyn. Just wondering how this could be. "Customizable".

Your customizable bag sounds amazing! Where did you get it from? X


Very true.. Spacious and organized bag

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