Handbag Tips That All Ladies Should Remember ...


Handbag Tips That All Ladies Should Remember ...
Handbag Tips That All Ladies Should Remember ...

A handbag is my favorite accessory of all time, even more so than shoes, so I’ve got a few handbag tips to share with you to help you enjoy this essential accessory a bit more. Handbags can make such a wonderful statement for your outfit, but my favorite part about them is how functional they are. They allow me to carry all my essentials around, while also giving me a fashion accessory at the same time. Next time you buy a handbag, you need to remember a few handbag tips when choosing and carrying your handbag so you get the best benefits from them. Check out what they are and let me know if you have a handbag tip of your own!

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Keep It Light

One of my first handbag tips is to keep it light, as best as possible anyway. Don’t throw everything under the sun in your handbag. Why? Because you’re only carrying it with one shoulder or one arm. Unbalanced weight on your body can cause a variety of joint and muscle issues. You can greatly damage your shoulders and even create a hinged back over time if your handbag is constantly heaving and increasing the workload of your back and shoulders. Your handbag should not be like a book bag, but instead, a simple accessory that holds a few essentials.


Clean It Regularly

Have you looked at the bottom of your purse lately? Oy! It can get a little gross if you don’t clean it out regularly, and that’s nothing to pass off as unimportant. Bacteria can grow quickly in the bottom of your handbag since it’s dark and warm, which all bacteria prefers to proliferate. Clean it out with an alcohol wipe at least once per week, and wipe down all the goodies inside too.


Change It Each Season

Whatever you do, don’t carry the same handbag all year- just don’t. While I have a few that I love dearly, I know it’s important to change it up each season. After all, a handbag is a fashion piece, so keep yours trendy and update it each season, or at least twice a year.


Versatile Colors

I like to pick versatile colors when selecting a handbag, which will help me keep from having to change it every single outfit. My go to colors are brown, black, and tan or camel, which can all be worn with just about anything. Bright colors are trendy, but they don't always go with everything, and you should always match if you can. That’s just fashion sense, hun!


Strap Smart

When you buy a handbag, be strap smart. This means inspecting the strap to see how secure it is. Is it thin, short, too long, or perhaps null and void in the form of a clutch? Decide what type of handbag you prefer carrying when it comes to the strap or handle. It will influence how you carry it, how much you enjoy it, and how functional it is.



How weather friendly is your purse? Choosing a high quality material that’s not easily damaged by water or snow is important, especially if you live in a cold or damp climate. You should also look at the material to see how well it will hold up over time. Certain cloth materials won’t last as long as other materials, so be sure you’re smart when selecting a material. It will determine how it holds up over time, and how adaptable it is to certain weather circumstances.


Your Style

Don’t buy a handbag just because it’s popular or name brand. Overall, it needs to be a style that suits you, makes you feel confident, and that you enjoy carrying. Like all fashion pieces, your handbag should be a statement of your personality, so don’t feel you have to conform. Pick a style that works for you and carry it with pride!

My favorite handbags are usually somewhat big, plain in color, yet have one single feature that makes them stand out. My favorite brand is Kathy Van Zeeland. What’s your favorite brand of handbags? What’s your favorite handbag tip?

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I love my coach bag handbag . I have only one fantastic purse that is all I need . Keep it light and classy 👜🌺.

I love my dooney and bourkes!!

I have a dilemma. I have large breasts and I love my cross body bag, but cross bodies make my breasts stand out which is really awkward. I feel like I should save myself from the funny looks I get from people by getting a regular handbag, like a Michael Kors, but I enjoy the small-ness of a cross body. What do I do?! Please help me decide if I should get another cross body or get a reg. handbag!

Rebecca Minkoff!!

I love the comfort and function of Vera Bradley and the fun and quirky patterns of Lily Bloom.

Elle bags medium price and great style.

Love❤️my LV's! I'm a proud owner of 5😊

Love my Coaches, Dooney & Bourkes, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton Speedy and urban designer Marvin Sin's bags which are works of art

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