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Thanks to high street bag designers, we no longer have to turn to the best artists in Paris to get a great looking tote on our arms. In fact, there are many high street bag designers that outright defeat their couture contemporaries in the style stakes. Topshop is a great example of this, as they have come so far since their early beginnings. Shopping through these stores, you can get your hands on a bag that will rival anything you see on a catwalk.

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Do you know what the best thing about Topshop is? It is one of those high street bag designers that somehow stays a little unique. Thanks to contributions from people like Kate Moss, it manages to retain that edgy feel. It is slightly pricier than many other high street stores, but the beauty of the bags you buy there will more than make up for that!



H&M is one of my high street favorites, mainly because the prices are SO low. Somehow I have managed to buy bags there that have lasted me for an academic year. With the amount of junk I insist on shoving in my bags, that really is an amazing achievement. H&M’s products really do fall in line with fashion conventions, but it is a great store for those last minute bags that won’t let you down.


J Crew

When J Crew finally came from the U.S. to the UK, I was elated. What I really love about J Crew is the blend of diversity and luxury. You may not reach into catwalk designer prices, but some of the bags are costly enough for you to feel like you’re treating yourself. Get a large tote from here, and it will get you through every long weekend you have planned for the foreseeable future.



One of the main reasons I first became attracted to Zara was because I was constantly reading about Kate Middleton’s love for the store. Initially, I’d just walk past it and not give it a second glance. Now I know if I want something that is smart and stylish, it won’t let me down. Despite being a favorite of the Duchess, it really isn’t that expensive.



I adore the Mediterranean edge that Mango brings. It isn’t quite traditional, but it does add the lovely flamboyant style that you find in countries like Spain. I once spent an entire month on a small Spanish island called Tenerife at short notice. One of the few stores I could really rely on there was Mango, mainly because it seems to be ahead of trends if anything.


Dorothy Perkins

Living in a small Welsh town for a couple of my teenage years, I only ever had access to Dorothy Perkins. The downside was that all the girls in the town would be wearing the same outfits. Now that I am back in a city, I can buy bags from Dorothy Perkins without worrying about who else will own one. The great thing about this store is that you really do get more for your money than in many other places.



Chicnova really does seem as though it is striking all the right chords for teens who enjoy great handbags. Right now, they have a large Eiffel Tower print tote that I want to get my hands on. We don’t have Chicnovas over here, so I am going to have to take my chances with customs! Some of the designs are a little grown up, but there certainly is a younger vibe going on here.

If you want to get a great handbag, you don’t need to look any further than high street designers. Sticking to high street favorites is a great way to save money. You also get much more diversity! If there is a high street handbag designer you love, what is the name?

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